Frugal can be fun too! Tips For Travelling on a Budget

March 13, 2014 3 min read

With so many people taking to globetrotting and travelling as Japanese do to Sushi, people are finding more and more innovative ways to make their travel experiences more interesting and ever-more memorable. They say that travelling is the only activity where you spend less and gain more. However, this can't be true for all kinds of trips across the board. That's why concepts such as budget tours and frugal travelling are now helping frequent travellers fulfil their travel wishes more easily.

The orthodox association of travel with comfort and luxury is gradually cutting loose and people are willing to go for less pampering and more adventurous and “uncharted” trips. This way not only do they save while travelling but also enjoy going out of their comfort zone once in a while.

Being frugal can be a lot of fun even when it is enforced by circumstances or lack of money. All you need to have is the right mindset to be open to everything and let go off your prejudices when travelling on a shoestring budget!

So if you are ready and want to try a budgeted trip then, gear up for these tips below:

1) Travelling to Your Destination - If you are travelling within the country, then pick a destination that you can go by road to. Work out the air tickets and train tickets and see which ones are the most reasonable. A bus ride, if feasible, may not be a bad idea once in a while. If you want to save money on your trip then this is one decision that can help you do so. Of course, if it's an international trip than you really don't have an option.

2) Stay & Accommodation – Generally, travellers are willing to pay full hog for the ticket and prefer cutting down on their accommodation expenses, which in actuality is very effective. Travellers can opt for home-stays through websites such as Couchsurfing or compare hotel prices on Airbnb. Or if you are going camping then you don't need to worry about booking hotels at all. Invest in tents, great sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment to make the best of your time on your destination. You can even go for hostels and budget hotels if you don't want to stay with someone.

3) Food & Eating Out – How much can you save here, realistically? Saving on food expenses is not always a wise decision especially when you are in a foreign country. Safety, cleanliness and hygiene related to food and other places are more important than saving a few bucks here and there. So don't compromise on the quality of food you are eating when travelling and be picky. Choose from the menu wisely and order less but try not to experiment a bit too much. If you have a vulnerable stomach ensure that you are not indulging too much in street food. Research a bit more online about cheap yet clean restaurants around the area you are travelling to or if cooking yourself is an option at your home stay. Cut down on eating at extravagantly pricey places for some real saving and plan your food budget ahead of your trip.

4) Commuting Around – This expense will never be as upfront as the hotel bill or the air ticket fare but you will be surprised how much would you have spent on travelling around in cabs or taxis in or around the city or travelling from one tourist attraction to the other. To counter this expense, go for car or bike rentals and if possible use the public transport and keep a map of the city handy. You can even use various smartphone applications such as Google Maps and others to avoid getting lost. This will definitely be a lot cheaper than hiring full day taxis or guides and a lot more fun exploring the station on your own.

Frugal is a great way to know your own potential for adjustment as a traveller! So don't fear a little bit of inconvenience for long term gains (read: unusually great memories, travel stories and of course some extra money for the next journey!)

And for more useful budget travel tips, read: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/12/travel/tips-for-travel-savings-in-2014.html?_r=0

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