Top Luggage Choices for Business Travellers: Carry On Luggage That Will Easily Fit Under the Seat

February 25, 2014 2 min read

You see them zigzagging in airports across the globe. Fast, stylish and focused, always dragging a carry-on. They are business travellers and they know how to work an airport. With infinite frequent flyer miles and airport hours logged, they spot an empty terminal line from far away. They are truly their own breed and travelling smart includes selecting the right carry on luggage. Whether you prefer a briefcase on wheels or backpack luggage, choosing the right bag will make your business trip a little less work.

To avoid the luggage piece getting sent up to the overhead bin, business people may be better suited choosing an alternative to the traditional briefcase. There are rolling luggage options that can transform into under-seat companions, leaving travellers with plenty of leg room alongside this sleek luggage item.


The most popular and one of the top luggage brands is Samsonite. Defined by its innovative suitcases, briefcases and laptop bags, this top brand provides a variety of business-ready luggage pieces. The Samsonite Packaged Mobile Office provides an easily manoeuvrable office on wheels.



Known as the choice for flight crews and frequent travellers, Travelpro provides innovative and effortless mobility with each of its luggage pieces. Detailed design features make this top luggage brand a favourite among business travellers. The Travelpro Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote presents travellers with a spacious and organised piece of carry on luggage. With its contoured grips and durable locking handle system, business travellers will be comfortable through quick layovers and long delays.


And you can never be too careful when travelling with luggage. Between cramped overhead bins, checked bag fees and the possibility of theft, the nerve-ridden traveller is better off keeping their luggage by their side at all times. Especially when you're transporting those all important business documents.

The top luggage brands for business travellers offer luggage options that make business trips easier and safer than ever. Before you know it, you’ll be included in the airport savvy, business traveller group.

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