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July 26, 2014 3 min read

You are susceptible to a travel scam every 4 hours while travelling, especially in the South-East Asia, Europe and Argentina. As a tourist in a foreign country, you’re a prime target for thieves and scam planners, which is disappointing but true. There's nothing more than being cautious and not indulging in any unnecessary conversations with people that you can do to avoid getting stuck in a travel scam.

Read below to find out most common travel scams to avoid :

Coin Chase : This is a common scam around the world. Someone will throw some coins where you're walking to distract you to pick up the coins and call someone on the road if it's theirs. This is a way to start a conversation or look for an opportunity to dupe you.

Distract to loot : This is common too. The scammer will spill coffee/water on your clothes and in an attempt to be apologetic and cleaning your clothes, they will pick pocket you!

Store Deals : Someone pretending to be a local will start a conversation with you and lure you to buy cheaper local goods at a nearby store, rather than where you're shopping right now. They either have a commission at the other store, which is not even selling authentic items or they might take you in a quiet corner and loot your belongings.

Taxi Please : Taxi scams are common everywhere you go. It’s better to check for a licensed taxi and have your driver's id checked before getting into a taxi. taking you around the city/ pretending to have lost the way to meter up the taxi fare is commonly done. These guys act aggressive and violent if you don't pay. So, be cautious beforehand.

Drinks and Shots : You might be a victim to this one while travelling solo. A lady would perhaps join you for drinks, order expensive stuff and the staff will charge you with whopping amounts of bucks for drinks you've not even had. They don't let you leave without paying and even threaten to call the cops. Check the price against each drink you order and avoid pleasing women in bars, especially in the South-east Asia and Europe.

The Gold Ring : Another common one to completely avoid. Someone might walk up to you asking if it's your gold ring on the road. You don't have to answer or bother. They might start asking for a monetary prize to help you find it, even if it's not yours. To top it all, they talk to you at a higher pitch to embarrass you, so you pay faster and walk off.

Menu Scam : Bars and restaurants often dupe their customers by presenting a cheaper menu card before they order and then bill them with higher prices as per some tourist menu! Try and advocate that you were shown some other menu.

The Fake Police : If a cop walks up to you with a fine note, asking for money, don't miss on checking his badge and subtly confirming if he is a real cop. You might be in for a hoax fine by fake police.

As traveller you might have been through some funny, some harmless and some dangerous scams while travelling. You need to be alert and extra cautious when you're in another country to handle issues harmlessly and be out of a scam without any loss.

Save your luggage from any scams and carry anti-theft backpacks and TSA locks for all your luggage carriers. Opportunist thieves misplace your luggage items in a blink of a eyelid, and you're not even aware of it happening. So, choose high performing luggage carriers from TheLuggageProfessionals.com.

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