A sneak peek - TravelPro Luggage Technology

July 22, 2014 2 min read

Travelpro Maxlite Cabin Suitcase

TravelPro has come up with some innovations that will improve the travelers’ experience by a great extent. The changes are far from cosmetic. They've been designed to solve one of the most common issue with modern-day luggage: stability.

If you're using either a four or eight wheel spinner luggage, you might have noticed its tendency to skid to the left or right. This puts a strain on your wrist and shoulder as you're trying to keep the luggage move in a straight line. It's not quite like a car whose wheels are not aligned, because to keep a vehicle on a straight path, you must correct the direction constantly.

So TravelPro developed a solution to the issue of drifting. They designed the patent-pending MagnaTrac Spinner wheels which incorporate magnetic wheel technology made specifically for spinner luggage. The system implies that the wheels will always be lined up and will go straight, while still turning easily. What they wanted to achieve really is less strain on the traveler's body. This will make your trip more enjoyable or at the very least less tiring.

TravelPro has introduced two other patented features as well:

Contour Grip is a handle designed especially for Spinner wheels. Made from two cushioned halves, it fits directly into your palm like a glove. This improved handle provides more comfort and better control of your luggage whether you push or pull it.

The Powerscope Handle was created to endure the pressure points which form when pushing luggage. Another feature that was built-in the Powerscope handle is wobble reduction. These will provide you with a better control over your bag and help prevent breakage.
These three TravelPro designs won awards at the Travel Goods Association Product Innovation Awards in 2012 and 2013 and the MagnaTrac™ Spinner innovation got the 1st place. The designs will be implemented in almost all Travelpro product lines, so that the improvements will fit most travelers’ budgets.

Which one of these features would you want to have in your luggage? Or maybe all of them...

Tell us in the comments below :)

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