Wanderlust Wednesdays – Biking trails around Australia

September 25, 2014 4 min read

Hello there lovelies!

Another week, another wanderlust Wednesday and another set of travel dreams is here!

So, hop onto our wayfaring wagon and enjoy the wonderful beauties of this world!


Biking, both mountain or otherwise (not the motorcycle one) is once again becoming popular with more and more people becoming conscious about the environment and their health and also it is a wonderful activity that gets you up close and personal with nature!! You get to exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the trail, Win-win, we say!. Of course, if it is thrill you seek, then you could go on the advanced mountain bike or motorcycle trails and enjoy the thrill as well as nature.

Without further ado, here are some advanced, beginner and intermediate biking trails all around our favorite continent!


Bruce Ridge, Canberra:

Located behind the Canberra stadium, this trail is about 15 miles long and has a variety of climbs and descents. Fairly easy for a beginner, this trail also poses some easy challengers to give the rider the enjoyment of a nature trail.

Visit this and this page for all the information on this trail.

Copperhead Bike Trail, Mt. Buller, Victoria:

At 4 miles long, this singletrack trail is perfect for the complete biking experience, as the various turns and bumps in the trail provide a little thrill for the more experienced bikers. Also, there is a relatively new downhill trail at Mt. Buller. More information on this page.
Jindabyne Community Bike Trail, Jindabyne:

This 5 mile long trail is ideal for a fun bike ride with your friends and family, enjoying the magnificent sights while you ride along. There a few bumps scattered over the trail, but overall it is a flat trail. Visit this page for more information.


Wombat Bike Track, Woodend:

The 15 mile long trail is packed with logrides, twists and turns, with even the surface changing from time to time, giving just the perfect amount of adventure to the intermediate rider. More information here.

Lysterfield Mountain Bike Area, Melbourne:

One of the most enjoyable bike trails, the Lysterfield trail is a freeflowing single track trail, with not too many hurdles in the way. At 15 miles long, this trail is the perfect start to an adventurous weekend. Apart from biking through this trail, you can can head to Lysterfield lake, which is a popular spot for canoeing, sailing and surf skiing. The tracks range from intermediate to advanced, the tougher riders can try out the commonwealth games track for a good adrenaline rush. Visit this and this page for more details.

Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails, Perth

A single track mountain bike trail, this one stands at 45 miles! This trail is about 40 minutes away from Perth and is one of the most busiest MTB trails in that area. There are various trails in Kalamunda, all of them ranging from Easy to very difficult, but most of them are of middle level, neither too easy nor too tough. The trails area is maintained by a group of volunteers from the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective, who have been kind enough to make a website which has all the information you could possibly need about these trails.


Stromlo Forest Park Trails, Canberra:

The Stromlo Forest Park is fast becoming a favorite biking destination, with the variety of trails that the park offers, ranging from simple to complicated, which means the park has something for everyone. The trails are about 18 miles in length and are not very difficult, with a combination of Downhill trails, Dirt Jumps and the Playground, which is for people who want to practice their biking before hitting the nature trails. All information about the park and tis various activities can be found here

Old Mans Valley, Hornsby, NSW:

About 4 miles long, this is one tough trail, full of rollers, bridges, descents, climbs and flowing berms. Definitely not for the beginners, this trail gives you the perfect thrill and leaves you exhausted by the end of it. This trail is a cross-country trail with three different stages of varying difficulty. Mostly hand made, you must try out this trail if you have a passion for biking. Find more details on this page.

Cannonball, Thredbo Village:

Nestled within the snowy mountains, this 3 mile long trail is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts. A challenging downhill trail, this will be the ultimate test of your biking skills and of your heart. There are more trails in the Thredbo village if this one does not interest you as much. The village is also home to the famous and much awaited Thredbo Cannonball Festival, which is great fun. More information here and here.

That's all folks!

Which are your favorite bike trails where you go to relax, unwind and exercise?


P.S. All images sourced from the internet. No copyright infringement intended :)

Share them with us in the comments below.

Until then, Happy travelling :)

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