Wanderlust Wednesdays – Exploring Cities – The City of Lights, Perth

September 18, 2014 4 min read

Howdy Y'all?

We are back with our 'Exploring Cities' series and this Wanderlust Wednesday we are taking you on a sprightly tour of the 'City of Lights - our very own Perth!


With Spring entering the Southern Hemisphere, warming up our homes and hearts, now is the best time to go exploring and unearth all the secrets that this city has. Perth is easy to get to, and if you have already explored Perth to your heart's content then there are many places nearby which you can visit, such as Rottnest Island which is just a ferry ride away from Perth.

What to do in Perth during the Day:

Spring has brought warm and sunny weather which makes for beautiful days that are perfect for discovering hidden gems all over the city. This city has something to offer for everyone, from the history enthusiast to nature lover to adventure junkie and to the shopaholic. Here's what you can do in Perth during when the sun is shining bright in the sky.

Get your hands on some Gold (figuratively) at the Perth Mint! The Perth Mint was one of the most important mints during the Gold Rush of Australia and is still in service. Take a guided heritage tour or get your own medallion engraved in this historic mint. Get more details here.


For the history buff, one place that you must visit is the Fremantle Prison. A world heritage listed site, the prison is located on top of a small hill and provides a peek into the initial founding years of Australia. Visit their website to find all information about the prison and its many tours and their prices as well.


Perth is a nature lover's delight too with various parks and trails scattered all over the city. You can plan an entire day, starting with walking on one of the many nature and historic trails and then heading out to the Swan Valley where you can enjoy a million things with your family or your spouse or even just a bunch of friends.


Do not forget to include the Caversham Wildlife Park and/ or the Paruna sanctuary in your itinerary. Or you could also head out to York and enjoy the magnificent Victorian architecture and beautiful living. Apart from the beautiful forest greens and cute wild animals, Perth also has abundant water attractions and marine life which also should not be missed. Visitthis page for more information on what a nature lover can do in Perth . You will find every thing you need, whether about the trails or the wildlife or the marine life here.


Take some time out to experience the Fremantle marketsand their vibrant energy.

Have a burning need for speed but want it to be a safe experience as well? ThenSuper Cars Perth is your destination. Get a chance to drive either of the two best Italian Supercars and get a taste of the burning rubber and an experience of a lifetime.

A little bit of divinity is always good and what better than the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral or St. George's Cathedral of Perth to have a little one on one with the Supreme Being or just enjoying the sheer beauty of it.

1 St Georges Cathedral

Delve a little deeper into the crevices of history and culture and arts to discover untold stories at the Western Australian Museum or at the Art Galley of Western Australia. You could even plan to visit theLeighton Battery Guns  and know more about Australia's participation in the World War II and what all went down in history at that time and how the battery gun or the tunnels were used. This is the perfect place for a little history lesson!


What to do in Perth during Evenings/ Night time:

Start off the evenings by visiting one of the many gorgeous beaches in Perth and catch a mesmerizing sunset in the magnificent Indian Ocean. There's City beach, Scarborough Beach or even Fremantle Harbour.

If you like the fine arts, then you must catch a performance at the last functional Edwardian theatre in Australia. From drama to opera to cabaret, you can enjoy the finest performances at His Majesty's Theatre.


Visit this website to know all that you could possibly want to know about the attractions and activities to do in and around Perth.

Packing for Perth:

Sitting just at the coast, Perth has very good weather and you do not need anything special like hiking backpacks, unless you are planning for an adventure trip which involves little or no civilization.

Whatever your itinerary might be, whether you are planning to go on a walking trail or explore the many historic sights, you will not need anything but a small day pack(or the lady's purse!) to carry your basic essentials. All your clothes will fit into a medium sized suitcase, which will obviously be kept at the hotel.

So gear up for a relaxing and enlightening time at Perth, the perfect destination for a quite escapade.

And Happy Travelling lovelies! :)

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