Wanderlust Wednesdays - Naracoorte Caves National Park, Limestone Coast, South Australia

August 07, 2014 3 min read

Hello you lovely people :)

Hope you're doing awesome and having a great week.

We are here with our next Wanderlust Wednesday destination and oh boy do we love this one!

This week we take you to the picturesque Naracoorte Caves National Park located in the Limestone coast tourist region.


Sitting at about 10 km from the town of Naracoorte, this national park is the only World Heritage listed site in South Australia. In the year 1994, these caves were officially recognised owing to the significance of the fossils that were found here. These caves are archaeologically notable as they have an extensive fossil record of the past 500,000 years, a record which covers Australian history from the Ice ages to the arrival of homo sapiens.

The National Park has a camping site as well as a dormitory style accommodation in the park. You can either set up a camp site or book your beds at the Wirrenada Bunkhouse. Details about the charges and rules of the accommodations can be found here. And here are the contact details and timings of the park.

The Naracoorte Caves offer a gorgeous view when you roam around to discover the hidden secrets that these caves hold. For a tour on the fossils and their historical importance, visit the Wonambi Fossil Centre where there is a recreation of the rainforest area, exhibiting how it looked like 200,000 years ago.

Wonambi Fossil Centre

In the caves, you can go on a self-guided exploration or join a tour where professional interpreters will take you through the decorated caves. The tourist caves also have a towering collection of stalagmites and stalactites. Adventure Caving is made for those who like to explore and discover hidden gems of nature.


Then there are the Bat Caves, home to the Southern Bentwinged Bats where you can view them in the Bat Observation Centre or might get a closer glimpse while exploring the caves. You can read up on the various activities that can be done in the Naracoorte caves on this page.

The Naracoorte Swimming lake is also a good option for those who would want to take their kids and take a cool, refreshing dip in the lake and have fun!

The fees/ charges to enter the different caves varies, all of which can be found here.

Packing for Naracoorte National Park:

Since this will be quite an adventure experience, we suggest that you carry a backpack, much like the backpacks in our hiking backpacks collection. On camping trips and adventure outings, you need something comfortable and sturdy to carry your things and keep them safe, and a backpack is the best thing for that.

We have picked out some favourites out of our backpack collection, you can read up on them here.

If you plan to camp and enjoy the wilderness and nature, then do not forget the right camping accessories. We suggest that you make a camping checklist, where you write down every single thing that you think might be required, from medicines to water to tent stumps to sleeping bags and whatever it is that you require. When you choose a rendezvous with nature, you got to be open and prepared for all kinds of surprises.

Other than that, all you need to do is be energetic for tons of fun!

Happy Travelling :)

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