Wanderlust Wednesdays – Skiing in Perisher

July 31, 2014 3 min read

Hey there Everyone!

We're back, armed with another awe-inspiring, wanderlust inducing destination in this edition of Wanderlust Wednesdays.

Since the winter is here, we thought why not head to the slopes for some skiing and a cup of hot, steaming coffee. Cold winds in Australia are short lived, mostly 2-3 months and this is the best time to take full advantage of the snow.

So, we take you to the Perisher Resort in the Australian Snowy Mountains. It is the largest ski resort in the Southern hemisphere and has a large variety if ski terrains, where everyone from beginners to advanced skiers can enjoy varied activities


Perisher, or Perisher Blue combines the four villages; Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Blue Cow, and their ski slopes. The perfect setting for a family holiday or a weekend getaway, there are tons of things that you can do at Perisher. Finding accommodation is fairly easy with a variety of options. There are both budget and luxurious snow resorts and lodges at Perisher and in the neighbouring town of Jindabyne, a short drive from Perisher which hosts a large number of accommodation options from hotels to motels to youth hostels and even self-serviced apartments.

If you're an experienced skier then buy yourself a ticket and get down on those slopes. For beginners, there are various packages offered at the resort to choose from. Apart from skiing, one can take a walk in the snow at the Rock Creek snowshoe track for which snowshoes are available at the resort. Then there is the Kosciuszko National Park where there are abundant activities, both in the summers and the winters. Visit http://www.perisher.com.au/ for all the information you need.

Packing for Perisher:

It will be cold and the weather in Perisher is subject to rapid changes, so it's best to check out the weather report before heading out there. Ideally, make a call to the resort to enquire about the best time to visit.

Since it'll be really cold, pack some warm clothes, warm socks and boots/ shoes to protect yourself from the chill. Do not worry about footwear, you will probably get something at Perisher in case you do not have snow-appropriate shoes. Pack a wind sheeter/ waterproof jacket to be on the safer (and warmer) side. Mufflers, caps, ear muffs and all that wintery stuff you rarely take out will come in handy here!

Now, where shall you put all of this? A suitcase is not the best bet as you won't be able to drag the wheels, and it might get stuck or fall in the snow, and also you risk getting all your clothes wet. It's best that you pack everything in a waterproof/ water-resistant backpack so that your clothes are safe and dry.

Here are some options from The Luggage Professionals Collection:

Caribee Fast Track 85 Wheeled Travel Pack Caribee Fast Track 85 Wheeled Travel Pack - This Caribee Backpack comes with wheels which you can use whenever you can, easy and practical!

Gregory Alpaca 60L Duffle Bag Gregory Alpaca 60L Duffle Bag

Then there are various pouches to keep your phone/ iPad/ Kindle dry:

Go Travel - Dry Phone Pouch Go Travel - Dry Phone Pouch

Go Travel - Dry Kindle Go Travel - Dry Kindle

Go Travel - Dry iPad Go Travel - Dry iPad

If you do not want to invest in a backpack, then another way to keep your clothes relatively drier are rain covers for backpacks such as these:

Osprey Hi-Vis Raincover Osprey Hi-Vis Raincover - Small

Osprey UL Backpack Rain Cover Medium Osprey UL Backpack Rain Cover Medium

We also have a huge selection of hiking products to help you on your journey. Visit our website to browse and get all that you need for your trip!

Until then, Happy Travelling! :)

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