Wanderlust Wednesdays – Traipsing around Sydney – What all you can do in Sydney?

July 23, 2014 3 min read

Hello you lovely people!

Having fun out there?

We have a little story to tell you.

The other day, we were sitting and thinking of our next Wanderlust Wednesday destination. And guess what we came up with?

Most of us have spent little or no time in exploring our hometown, or the city we live in. Sure, we visit places here and there, go for hikes or go see historic monuments, but how well do we really know our own city? I'm sure aside of your favourite eating jaunts and pubs, you haven't explored much.

Well, so this Wanderlust Wednesday, we decided to help you redeem that regret for you. The city of our choice is Sydney, and we came up with this city through pick-a-chit, so you know, no special preferences here :)

Lo and Behold, we present the best things to do in Sydney!

Watch the stars: The Sydney Observatory is Australia's oldest observatory, and a great way to look at the stars at a much closer level. Take a self-guided tour around the Observatory Hill, watch a 3-D space theatre presentation or take a closer look at the constellations in the planetarium. Of course, the best time to go there is at night, for which you will have to book in advance. For details on when to visit and the prices, see http://www.sydneyobservatory.com.au/planning/hours-and-charges/


Take a walk with nature: The Royal National Park has over 100 kms of walking tracks that will take you through the lush rainforests, beautiful windswept cliffs and serene beaches. The park is the second-oldest national park in the world and is truly mesmerising. For more information, visit http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/Royal-National-Park.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge: How can you visit Sydney and not visit this iconic bridge? You can drive over it, sail under it or even climb the bridge. The best way to enjoy the bridge and the magnificent views it offers is on foot. There are a series of ladders, stairs and catwalks, after climbing which you will definitely be short of words, especially since the Sydney Harbour is known as one of the most beautiful harbours of the world.


The Sydney Opera House right next to the bridge is also a very big attraction, where you can sit for a nice meal and enjoy the splendid view.

Sydney's Paddington Markets: No trip is complete without a local market, one that is full of energy and little things here and there. The Paddington market is a great way to while away time and picking up little knick knacks along the way. Visit http://www.paddingtonmarkets.com.au/ to know more about them.

paddington markets

Watch a movie under the stars: The open air cinema is definitely one thing that must be done in Sydney. Nothing like getting to watch cinema under the stars, with your friends and family in the Belvedere Amphitheatre in the Centennial Park. There are various options to choose from, but the most preferred choice is the Maltesers Moonlight Cinema (http://www.moonlight.com.au/sydney/). You can search for “open air cinema in <city>” and pick your favourite out of those!


Here, you have our top picks!

Do you have some special places to visit in Sydney that we haven't covered but you'd recommend strongly?

Share them with us in the comments below.

Until then, Happy Travelling :)

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