Wanderlust Wednesdays – A weekend getaway at Darwin!

October 02, 2014 2 min read

A cosmopolitan vibe, warm tropical climate, a great harbor on the Timor sea, a vintage view where boats lazily sail towards the horizon, Darwin is a perfect place to arrive at with a pair of shorts and a tee shirt which says, “ I'm on vacation, feel free to disturb me”, :) A hotspot for tourists, a weekend getaway at Darwin is full of varied colors and experiences.


Let me ask you a question. If you have to pick one quality in you that makes you even more of a traveller, what will that be? It ought to be a FOODIE! A foodie is someone who not only devours whatever comes in front of him but also he does it quickly. And if you're a traveller who loves to explore exotic cuisines, Darwin is the place to be in. Thanks to the cosmopolitan and multi-cultural set up (Chinese, Sri Lankan, European, Aboriginal, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese,and so on), there's no dearth of food joints in the market where delicacies of diverse cultures can be experimented with.


If street photography is what pulls your strings, Darwin is a place where you might click your favorite shots. If a multi-ethnic group of people are not enough to get the shots you so want to click, a visit to nearby Aboriginal places does wonders for the curious eyes of a street photographer. For nature photographers or hikers, once again, you can choose among national parks ( Kakadu and Litchfield) and plan your itinerary accordingly.


For vacationeers who want to go down the memory lane of history, Darwin offers exquisite options. Go to the parliament house to find out the historical places to be visited. If the breathtaking view from the survivor's lookout isn't enough to send shivers down your spine, than a drive to Adelaide River Railway station will. There you can find historical cemetery where you can find the graves of brave soldiers who lost their lives while serving the nation in the horrific World War two. Darwin military museum provides a glimpse through the dark hours of World War.


In the evening, when the sun gently slides towards the horizon, most of the inhabitants and vacationeers head towards the picturesque Mindil or Casaurina beach to explore the cuisines, art and crafts, and the warm touch of sea water and wind. A paradise for surfers and joggers, the beach is the perfect place for you to spend the evening amidst noise of people and tranquillity of the sea. Make the best of tiring Wednesday by booking your tickets, pack your stuff in your backpack, and get going with your next weekend getaway to Darwin!


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