Women’s Handbag Shapes and More - A Post for the Ladies!

August 23, 2014 3 min read

So, what does a woman adores the most?

Diamonds? Maybe.
Cosmetics? Could be.
Clothes? All women love clothes.
What else?


After all, where will she keep all her precious essentials! Handbags are every woman's fetish. And they also tell a lot about a lady's personality. The shape of your handbag tells if you're going to college or a social event, if you're peppy or conventionally boring, if it's a beach month or one flooded with corporate commitments.

Here we have a post that talks about the common women's handbag shapes and how you can work them in your everyday style:

Clutch : A clutch is designed to carry only the essentials like the wallet, mobile phone, keys, cosmetics and tissues. A clutch works for a cocktail, wedding, corporate meetings, house warming and events where you're not required to use both your hands. So, a glass of wine in one hand, and a clutch in the other looks classy indeed.

Zafino Makayla Wallet

Festival : A smaller version of a casual backpack or a bigger version of a usual clutch is what we call a Festival. It usually has long straps, can be put as a sling or hung over the shoulder. It is functional for day outings, coffee dates, a visit to an exhibition or the museum, a spa day and the likes.

Envelope : An envelope is strictly a party/event handbag. It is a classier substitute to a wallet and has an elegant envelope shape. It carries a wallet, keys, some cosmetics and little things. Flaunt it in style at the races or an evening event.

Knomo Brompton MBA 13" Envelope

Tote : A tote is a staple for the beaches. Every woman has more than a couple of totes in her handbag collection for the obvious reasons. Totes are functional when you're planning to carry more things you usually do in your handbag. All your daily essentials plus an extra clothing fill up your tote bag to look awesome.

Bowler : A bowler is for the stylish and classy women. It has more volume in looks and is spacious as well. It generally has two separate handles and is carried on the forearm. It works beautifully for business ladies, corporate meetings, book release events, dressy events and weekend shopping as well.

Duffel : A duffel handbag is perfect for the gym/game/spa. It is spacious, easy to carry on the shoulder, looks stylish and is functional as a weekend travel bag also. Carry it to the gym and substitute it for a backpack when going for a short weekend getaway!

Messenger : A messenger is a relatively bigger in size sling bag, that's worn around the shoulder. Carry it during the day for casual events or team it up with your formals to the office and you're ready to roll. It's a favorite among techies, who carry their gadgets along, however are not too fond of the backpacks.

Victorinox Altmont™ 3.0 15.6” Laptop Messenger

Hobo : A hobo is a stylish handbag for the college going, peppy and young girls. It sits comfortably on your shoulder, carries your daily essentials and looks decent with both casual and corporate clothing.

Here you go ladies! These are the common women's handbag shapes that ladies of all ages prefer to carry. Check out what's missing in your collection and fill it up with superb bags at TheLuggageProfessionals.com. Stay stylish with handbags, all women love them much.

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