10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Travel-bound Dad!

June 12, 2014 4 min read

Sunday, the June 15th 2014, is Father's Day around the world except in the outback! So we thought we'll bring to you a list of gift ideas for Father's Day that'll surely perk up his day and be a reminder of your love for him.

The children in Australia can get their dads and father-figures something from the list, before September arrives, as a symbol of their love, respect or simply for them being there as their trusty support.

All these years, whether too less or too many, he's been there for you, your protector, your entertainer, your window to the world, your adviser, your guide and most importantly your pal. So this Father's day make sure that you evoke old happy memories of your invincible duo favourite moments, trips and times where his presence gave you all the assuring that you needed.

So get ready to celebrate this unique bond with all your disagreements and generation gaps left behind and make room for a creamy cake, his favourite food and dessert while we gather some gift options for you to choose from. Let the list unfold...

1) The Hidesign Malthouse Messenger Bag – If there was ever a way to make your dad look more stylish and more contemporary than he already is, this is it! Suave, Svelte and egotistically elegant, this messenger bag is the one for the Dad who can differentiate between class and class apart! You may even get some brownie points for selecting this as his gift.

Hidesign Messenger Blog

2) Samsonite Traveller Wallet  – There are Dads and then there are ultra-busy Corporate Dads with numerous business cards, bank cards and other things of national/ international interest in their wallets. For such supremo Dads, we suggest the multi-pocket Samsonite Traveller Wallet. He'll be happy to finally have space for all his “professional” docs.

Samsonite Travel Wallet

3) Hedgren Knight Kay Shoulder Bag – For the cool Dad who loves a nice piece of luggage hanging down from his shoulder – this Hedgren piece will be like a gift sent from heaven above! Spacious, with pockets and a comfortable strap, the Hedgren is a great choice for the Dad who likes to travel and who likes to move about the city with a bag full of everything!

Hedgren Shoulder Bag

4) Osprey Quasar Backpack - Outdoorsy, up for adventure and sometimes a tad upbeat about his next walk through the woods, if your Dad is a sport-o-holic adventurist, then a casual pack will only make things worse (in a great way of course)! Beware of mom's disapproval of this though because he may not prefer lazing around at home on the weekend with this in his collection.

Osprey Casual Pack

5) Roncato Heritage Messenger with Flap and 15.6" PC Holder – This lovely, made in Italy messenger + laptop holder, will give your Dad the surprise of his life as he unwraps his Father's Day present. Sleek and elegantly designed, the Ronacoto Heritage messenger bag screams... exclusivity! For the office-going dad, there isn't a better treat on Father's Day!

6) PacSafe RFID UltimateSafe 22L Travel Backpack – Remember your last family trip when your father wouldn't let you take off your backpack lest it got lost or left behind? Yep, we've got the perfect solution for your paranoid Dad who doesn't like to let his guard down! The ultra safe RFID travel backpack which will keep thieves at bay and make your Dad's nerves chill down and enjoy a worry-less, relaxing time with the family. And perhaps you'd be able to take off your backpack for a while. :)

Roncato Heritage Messenger Bag

7) Tumi Alpha Leather Organiser Travel Tote  – Stylish and modern, Dads will love this state of the art piece. Made for practical utility as much it is for panache, the Tumi Alpha is the perfect candidate to become your dad's favourite! Even more than the super intelligent kid next door.

Tumi Alpha Leather Organiser Tote

8) Hidesign Gareth Business Bag – No dad's office gear is complete without an Hidesign! We don't care if has an uncountable years old laptop bag he doesn't need to part with because once he gets this, he wouldn't want to use anything else but this.

Hidesign Leather Attache

9) Pacsafe Metrosafe 150 GII RFID Anti Theft Cross Body Sling Bag – Again for those dad's who prefer to be better safe than sorry. This cross bag comes with anti-theft technology and assures that no one can outsmart your Mr.careful dad!

Pacsafe Cross Bag

10) Pacsafe RFID executive™ 75 RFID Blocking Passport Wallet – When it comes to fathers, nothing can be left to chance! Especially if it is a wallet! Replace your dad's old passport wallet with this thief-proof one and see how he thanks you with a might heart and perhaps a mighty reward!

Pacsafe Passport Wallet

To father's and father-figures around the world, we wish you a very happy father's day, this Sunday! And for dad's in Australia, we hope that your sons and daughters don't wait 'till September to get you our hot picks for dads :)

PS: Dads, if you really want something from our list or our luggage website, just hint it to your kids (some emotional blackmail could be involved) and they'll know what to do.

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