5 Travel Tips On How To Avoid Losing Luggage

September 08, 2015 2 min read

What is the most dreaded experience that can happen to you at an airport? An anxious wait while you stare at the carousel, everybody leaves with their respective luggage, the carousel eventually stops, and you head  towards the “baggage service counter” with stooped shoulders and anguish in mind.

5 travel tips on missing luggage Luggage at carousel

Believe it or not, but it happens annually to a lot of passengers across international airports. And the numbers are only beginning to rise! In order to assure that you won't have to go through the horrific experience, we're happy to share 5 travel tips or precautions which come handy to avoid the missing luggage scenario. Feel free to browse through the same.

  • Attach stickers/labels/business cards both outside and inside your briefcase - You can initiate the process while you pack. A smart traveller keeps a copy of itinerary and contact details inside the luggage, in case, the external tag is lost and authorities decide to open the baggage. Never ever solely depend on the external tag. You can also attach your contact information to your suitcase.
  • Get rid of multiple tags - In my research, I was surprised to find out that a lot of confusion occurs due to multiple tags on the luggage. So, make sure to get rid of the stickers from the past destinations. Only one sticker of your current destination should be visible on your baggage to keep things easy for the staff.
  • Check the destination code on the tag - A lot might happen when you check-in. In case you want to go an extra step to ensure the safety of your luggage, you can do a little research on the correct codes of your final destination, and re-check if the staff at check-in counter has attached the correct destination tag to your baggage.
  • Do not hesitate to ask a fellow passenger in case of confusion on similar bags - Half the confusion with regards to the missing luggage happens due to identical business bags and suitcases. In case of confusion, do not hesitate to ask a fellow passenger, “I just wanted to confirm if you've got the right bag”. Nobody really minds the question when asked with the proper attitude.
  • Carry a comfy carry-on for a short trip - If it is a short trip, avoid the hassle of multiple bags altogether. Instead, put your stuff in a comfy carry-on luggage bag. A pair of jeans and tee-shirts and few valuable documents don't require you to carry a whole briefcase. Avoid the hassle of waiting in front of a carousel altogether and save yourself from the unnecessary discomfort!

Hope these 5 travel tips on how to avoid losing your luggage comes handy in your next trip! Happy Travelling! Stay comfortable on your next trip! :)

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