Buying Tips Part – 1 - The Secrets of Carry On Luggage

January 11, 2014 3 min read

These ... Airlines. They stopped being our friends some time ago, no matter how shiny and broad their smile is in their ads. They are lying through their teeth. With escalating checked-in baggage fees, a fierce battle for carry on has started. You, me, everyone wants a carry on, but there’s only so much overhead space in any type of airplane. Not to mention that a carry-on needs to swallow lots and lots of things and still fit the test space.

Your hardest decision is whether to wheel or carry your way. And if you want to carry, is it going to be one strap or two? It mostly breaks down to how much weight you are willing to carry around, and whether you actually want to carry it, or just roll it behind. There are some hybrids that let you wheel or carry regardless, but these have a high weight penalty which translates into generally working better as larger check-in bags. So what do you do when you set out to buy carry on luggage? The following:

3 things you need to look for:

Squashiness for tight spaces:

While most hard-case spinners have their place in the check-in luggage section, we generally don’t recommend them for carry-on. Hard to fit overhead or under-seat, in addition to the small wheels, they are becoming almost useless nowadays in-flight. For a carry-on, we recommend soft cases.

Laptops determine lots:

If you want to carry your laptop or tablet, efficiency makes life much better. A fast in and out from the carry on is a must. So you generally need to look for a carry-on with a separate vertical section specially designated for your laptop.

Looks you'll be proud of:
Sooner or later, most carry-ons will end up in front of your client or business partner. If the flight is delayed and you have to rush directly to the presentation, you'd better look smart and organised. Please try and avoid crazy, psychedelic colours. Mean good business.

3 things to avoid:

Weight is the enemy:

US is more lenient with carry-on weight, but most European and Asian airlines limit your carry on weight to around 7kg. That’s not much. So if your empty bag is already heavy, you’re not getting anything except underwear on board the flight.

Limited pocketing options bite:

Many carry-on don’t provide an efficient solution for bulky headphones, drinking bottle, or anything else not square and book shaped. Quick access external pocketing makes life much easier with security lines and train trips. So try and find one that suits your needs.

Single strap carry for heavy loads hurts on the long run:

Carry-ons mostly work only as single strap carry. But of course, single straps are great for a light computer bag! Try hauling a week’s worth of gear on one shoulder, and see how does that make you feel. You’re going to hurt a lot. Some of the great carry-ons let you add a second strap for backpack carry. We dig this option.

At The Luggage Professionals, you can find a lot of carry-on luggage that fits our criteria mentioned above. Plus we offer some great deals on all branded luggage pieces. All the more reason to shop the right way.

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