Find out which one of these six Caribee backpacks fits your lifestyle.

December 07, 2013 2 min read

You enjoy watching don't you? Who doesn't? It’s a pleasant pastime activity. Sitting around watching the world pass by, noticing differences between people, making up their stories, the different clothes we wear, the changing trends. For us, it's the different kind of luggage. Have you noticed the many different shapes and sizes in which backpacks come? Let's take a walk and explore!

The shape of a backpack determines the shape of its content. Usually that is the basic backpack principle. The more specific to an activity the more obvious the design is. Emerging trends make it even more difficult to separate between urban and day-to-day packs, because brands started creating bags that look like an active bag and feel great on the shoulder but are in fact difficult to use for their intended purpose (lack of pocketing to make room for design features, too many strings and straps hanging everywhere for selling customization and so on).

Yet, interestingly enough, there are office bags that reflect their purpose well, to carry a laptop and some documents, just not cut to be attractive enough so that they can be used in a more relaxed environment. It looks like backpacks struggle to cross over from one circle of use to another. Their specificity and infinite variety of designs makes a good lasting choice close to impossible. And we are still waiting for a new category that merges and severs the functions needed between work and play.

To help classify a few different shapes and hopefully provide some clarity on all, we've made a list about the many shapes and the functions Caribee provides. Come! Let's take a peek…

Hiking: Best suited to carry heavy loads for a long period of time, they combine stability and comfort. Check out the Caribee Mallorca

Snow/Ski/Surf: Suited for action sports. The construction allows easy body movement in carrying snow/ski gear. Attachments on the outside of the bag increase its functional capabilities. We are talking about the Caribee Stratos

Bike: Most bike packs are light and have the hydration pack pocket, some have a roll top to keep your clothes and precious stuff dry. They offer pockets for tools and daisy chains for your light. The Caribee Quencher is extremely useful for any biking tour.

Office: A rectangle or square looking shape. It shows very clearly that it is made to carry a laptop and some documents. It often offers good internal organisational options. Know about the Caribee Exec

School: A very square shape, it's clearly made for carrying books and documents. Designed for practicality, it doesn’t give users a great deal of extras but is roomy enough. Caribee Freshwater will be a great companion to your kids.

Urban: One of the most popular market. The shape is neither too square or round. They still have a laptop sleeve and offer basic pocketing. Shape reflects general use. The Caribee Flip Back may come in handy for a day trip or a tour around the city.

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