Luggage That Fits the Spring Season! Colorful Travel Products From Top Brands

September 25, 2014 4 min read

Australia is lucky to experience spring in the romantic month of September! The mesmerising splashes of colours, the fragrances and the chirpiness in the air cannot be missed or ignored by even the busiest of people. In a country like ours, where the general mood is that of joyfulness, spring adds another level of happiness, freshness and amazement! It's the second best (we'd still rate 'summer' first) time to travel and experience the exotica of our beautiful nation.

So, if you are ready for enjoyable visits to different Australian landscapes, we have some spring-fit luggage and travel products for you. These products are not part of any special “Spring” collection but will fit your spring travels better than any other.

Our list includes suitcases, bags, travel accessories all drenched in the spirit of spring season (read colours). Yes! Our luggage store offers a huge range of colourful luggage, travel bags, etc. in reds, yellows, greens and even the pinks. Get ready to carry your stuff around in these pretty things.

Let's get to the short-listed products before this wonderful season passes us by.

1) Heys Britto Set of 4 Suitcases – This lovely set is brilliant not only for the ergonomics and storing capacity but for being the perfect travel companion in the season of spring. This set of suitcase also features a beauty case that women and your young daughters would love to flaunt on their arms!

Heys Suitcase Luggage Set Heys Suitcase Luggage Set

On the upside, nobody in the family will hesitate to carry Heys suitcases thanks to their vibrant design that includes hearts (not the cheesy ones), colour blocks and bold printed art. We hear and see spring in them and you will too! Shop the Heys set here.

2) Epic Jetstream Air Set of 3 - 4 Wheeled Suitcases – Spring is like the mother nature declaring herself to us as being in the “pink of health” so we couldn't have excluded this elegant set of 4 wheeled suitcases by Epic. A little girlie in style, we agree, but all the more beautiful. Perfect for women in love with their femininity, this Epic Jetstream Air set of suitcases makes for a great travel luggage entourage.

Epic Jetstream Suitcases Epic Jetstream Suitcases

Having said that, it doesn't mean that men can't or shouldn't be seen with it. These suitcases are extremely efficient and this colour shouldn't deter you at all in carrying them. So if your favourite colour is pink then get it right away because the suitcase set has many takers in waiting!

3) American Tourister Prismo Hardside Suitcase Set of 3 – A celebration of Spring without a mention of the sunny gold is definitely incomplete. So here it is a beautiful set of suitcase in the brightest shade of yellow, making it almost, lime. This luggage set is by American Tourister detailed with pearl gloss finish and an edgy front panel and curved corners.

American Tourister Prismo Hardside Suticases American Tourister Prismo Hardside Suticases

Efficient in carrying and making a pretty sight, this American Tourister luggage set includes 3 suitcases of 55cm, 65 cm and 75 cm dimensions respectively. The hard panel ensures that the stuff you are carrying inside is properly safeguarded. It's time to let the world know about the spring arriving! Let American Tourister be your didgeridoo.

4) Roncato Light Young 75cm Large Upright Wheel Suitcase – After the shiny sunny sun, now, comes something that will remind us of the blue skies. This a Roncato piece designed to impress. Extremely light and non-cumbersome to carry, the Roncato suitcase will be a great choice for longer or shorter weekend trips.

Roncato Large Upright Suitcase 75 cm Roncato Large Upright Suitcase 75 cm

Get this suitcase in beautiful blue hue to contribute a sprightly colour to the lovely Spring spectacle.

5) Lapoche Large Travel Toiletry Organiser – While the colour green is synonymous with nature, it can be taken for granted which makes it lose some of its charm during the Spring season. This mainly happens due to other colour tones which are rarer through the year and which overshadow its humble but noteworthy appeal during the Spring season. But not for us as without the lush green in backdrop to the lush oranges, pink, reds and blues, spring would be totally a morbid shadow.

Lapoche  Large Travel Organizer Lapoche Large Travel Organizer

That's why we present to you the Lapoche Large Toiletry Organiser in beautiful green colour. The bag features mesh pockets, zipped closure, a carry handle and a padded and foamed structure to protect toiletries.

6) Mandarina Duck ISI 2 Pocket Duffle Bag – This Red Duffle Bag completes this list of spring-inspired and spring-perfect luggage carriers. The duffle bag with pockets and spacious compartments is available in a striking red colour that will resemble the crimson blush on spring flowers!

Mandarina Duck ISI 2 Pocket Duffle Bag Mandarina Duck ISI 2 Pocket Duffle Bag

Functional, fabulous and absolutely convenient, this duffle bag will sort the dilemma of what to carry on weekend trips or overnight visits.

A special something for the kiddies! The Trunki's Bernard the Bee carrier.

Trunki Bernard the Bee Carrier

It's perfect for your little bundle of joy and fits this season like a round peg in a round hole! Trunki's kids suitcases feature kids oriented specs are both kids-friendly and practical to use. The design is a bright body of a bee in all its natural splendor of yellow and black! Kids would love to get around with Bernard the Bee!

Inspired to go out on lovely spring days? We, totally are and would love to provide you with the very best of luggage for the spring season. Browse, through our huge luggage collection and see if you find more travel products and accessories that fit your spring adventures.

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