5 Tips for Luggage Safety at Airports

July 15, 2014 2 min read

Whether you travel in business class or economy, your luggage is treated the same by the baggage thrower. Though it's one in hundreds who ends up losing their luggage, but it’s extremely painful to be alien to the whereabouts of your luggage, which might have some priced possessions also.

Luggage safety at airports is uncertain. Mishandled bags is a broad term for luggage damage, loss, delay and even larceny. Baggage throwers / bag handlers can perhaps be blamed as they are the only people in contact with your luggage while you are waiting for your bags to appear on the conveyor belt. Negligence or foul play, either of the two is a loss to you and a cruel mood spoiler as well. Imagine you're all set for a vacation and on arrival at the airport you get to know about your misplaced luggage - the anger and frustration of that moment is inexplicable and immeasurable.

So be careful and take a cue from the following tips to have the luggage arrive the destination safely:

Pack in a Sturdy Bag
Assume your bag will be handled in the worst way when you're out to purchase a bag for air travel. Invest in a high performing luggage carrier so it doesn't crumble under pressure.

Get an Anti-Theft Bag
Anti-theft bags devise superb anti-theft technology which deters the nasty foul players from easily cutting the zipper open to do their job. Anti-theft backpacks are a wise option too. Use TSA locks to further prevent your luggage from being mishandled.

Try using Carry-On Bags
If you can abstain from carrying excessive luggage, try packing in a carry-on bag you don't have to check-in. Check the luggage limit of your airlines online and pack your carry-ons accordingly.

Pack in a 4-Wheeled Bag
In most probability, a carry-on or a non-wheeled bag is thrown/pushed/kicked/tossed by the baggage thrower as it's difficult to move it otherwise. On the contrary, a wheeled bag is easy to slide and move. A 4-wheeled bag is appropriate to load, unload, roll and move around the tarmac areas in airports.

Avoid checking-in early
Flights are not usually ready for luggage loading 2-3 hours before time. So if you check-in early, there's a good chance your luggage will shuffle around, increasing the possibility of mishandling/ misplacing.

Hope you're never the unlucky one in many, who suffers the brunt of misplaced/mishandled luggage at airports. For your future trips, make sure you are careful on your part and keep your fingers crossed!

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