Why should you buy Luggage Sets instead of separate suitcases?

December 16, 2013 2 min read

If you're buying suitcases for your family, or thinking of gifting them to someone (and their family), then the age-old question of whether to buy separate pieces of luggage or a nice luggage set will haunt you too. If you want to get different kind of suitcases, in color and in style for everyone, then buying separate pieces would be ideal. If not, then, hands down, buying a luggage set would be the best and also cost-effective option. Luggage sets are a collection of 3-4 suitcases, sometimes paired with a smaller suitcase, like a carry-on suitcase or a duffel bag, depending upon the size of the luggage set. This is done so that all your luggage needs can be fulfilled with a single luggage set only.

Luggage Sets Luggage Sets

Every suitcase in the luggage set will be of a different size, the largest one for daddy and the smallest one for your little princess. Because of the different sizes of the suitcases, you can even use them separately. For example, the larger suitcases could be used by different members of the family on solo trips, or the smaller sized suitcases could be used for weekend getaways. With a luggage set, you will always have the bag/ suitcase you need, whenever and for whatever reason you need them. Buying a luggage set will not only be highly practical but also extremely cost-effective. If you buy a luggage set, then you get more number of suitcases and of different sizes, in a relatively lesser amount of money. Taking 4 different suitcases, all in different sizes, will be much more expensive than buying one luggage set, in which you will get the variety that you want.

Luggage sets can also be quite the fashion statement for your family, where your entire family can carry similar suitcases, in the same style and color. You could even pick a luggage set in a bright color or easily noticeable design and be the first one to get your luggage of the luggage carousel. No more confusing your own suitcase with someone else's! So you make a stylish statement and get a practical carrier at the same time. A rare but quite useful combination!

Now that we have solved (hopefully!) your dilemma of buying a luggage set vs buying luggage pieces separately, why don't you hop over to The Luggage Professionals and get the perfect luggage set for you. And while you're at it, why not browse our amazing luggage collections as well. After all, ti's the season to travel!

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