Mercedes Benz Luggage Now Available at The Luggage Professionals!

July 19, 2014 3 min read

You have seen it on the roads, cruising on people's wrist, blinging and now it will be in your hand when you travel around places! We're talking about the sexy, classy and extremely exclusive Mercedes Benz luggage and travel products! Just as their most famous manufactured product – vehicles, the luggage from the brand also makes your heart race.

Mercedes Benz has a strong niche in the market yet never taking preferences for granted; the giant automobile brand ensures that their supreme attention to quality is seeped into manufacturing each and every existing line of products. Result: an incorrigibly firm, functional and fabulous collection of luggage, travel products and accessories.

Providing everything from wallets to cabin luggage and larger luggage carriers, Mercedes Benz is devoted to making journeys stylish and convenient for travellers. Design-wise, one can blindly trust the brand for finesse and finish which is missing in others. You know when a brand of such high-class doesn't discriminate among its other secondary engineered products and in fact doesn't treat them secondary at all but a piece of craftsmanship and noble art in themselves. See below to know what we mean:

Our top picks from the mesmerizing and versatile Mercedes Benz brand:

Mercedes Benz Cabin Luggage:

Mercedes Benz Cabin Suitcase

This lovely piece of luggage is a pride to enter with in the airplane. You don't have to nudge the bag of your neighbour far away to make space for it. Rightly sized and impeccably crafted for to cause envy and admiration, the cabin suitcase is a functional addition to your short and even longer journeys. The Mercedes Benz suitcase features scratch-proof surface coating and 8 wheels which are as silent as the sea breeze on quite Sunday evenings.

Mercedes Computer Briefcase:

Mercedes Benz Computer Briefcase

Ah! Thank god for great aesthetics in this world! This beautiful piece of artistry can brighten up any office-goer's day. Exuding finesse and screaming luxury, this computer briefcase features a rarely-seen diamond pattern. The bag is made up of quilted leather and has a main compartment and a comfy shoulder strap. There is a flat front pocket and an add on bag system. The designing and structure, is naturally, inspired by a Mercedes car's interiors.

Mercedes Benz Traveller Weekender Bag:

Mercedes Benz Weekender Bag

This ebonized piece of baggage is so classy that you'd want it to travel with it even when it's more than a weekend getaway. Made of the finest quality full grain leather and modern synthetics, this weekender bag looks good and makes you look even better. Roomy enough to carry your essentials and sexy enough to carry your pride, the bag is a wonder bag! It's available in diamond pattern as well. Both exterior patterns are inspired by car interiors.

Mercedes Benz Large Suitcase:

Mercedes Benz Large Suitcase

There's a good chance that you may have tried the Mercedes' four-wheeler compacts but this 8 wheeler beauty is a whole new ball game. With its smoother soft skin ease, the large suitcase slides on the floor laconically and catches attention only with its minimalist looks and
elegant exteriors. The capacity is standard as in any large suitcase but the durability is way above standard. It's a hard and strong large suitcase that will only do you good for years to come.

Mercedes Benz Tri-fold Wallet:

Mercedes Benz Tri-fold Wallet

There are cars and there are Mercedes. Similarly, there are luxury leather travel products and there is only one Mercedes Benz Tri-fold Wallet. Available in a larger size, this wallet is more than perfect with the unique Mercedes diamond pattern. Suave and stylishly sophisticated, the Mercedes Benz Tri-fold wallet is your answer to those organised travel documents and other stuff which needs to be safely tucked away in your backpack or carried with your guards up. But mind you, by the looks of it, it will be a juicy target for the mischievous lot.

Let us know what you think of the Mercedes Benz luggage, is it as great as their automotive counterparts or do they exceed them in efficiency and designing. For us, it's a might awesome addition to our catalogue!

Have a great day and when you drive that Mercedes of yours, think about it and come back if you want to explore a bit more about the brand's luggage line.

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