Pack Your Luggage Like A Pro For Easy Travelling

October 13, 2014 2 min read

You've found out an interesting travel destination. Flights are booked. Hotel stays are arranged. Yet, the biggest task lies lurking silently in one corner of your brain – the gigantic packing process! “ I will take my time in arranging my stuff, please leave me alone!”, the normal reaction when someone tries to suggest packing to any traveller. Packing is stressful, packing tests your patience! Yet, careful packing of luggage is important!

Prioritize what needs to be included in the luggage-

Task of packing may not be generalized, per se, but let us look at some of the tips that come handy. A check list on items is probably how you plan the process, Take a rough piece of paper and jot down items in order of importance. The items in priority list includes toiletries, first-aid kit, travel accessories, sleeping bag, and then the clothes. This helps to give a perspective on what is important and what is not!


Pack lightly - a compact luggage is what you need -

Next, sit again, discuss with fellow companions on the trip, and make an assessment on the number of clothes or shoes that are appropriate for the trip. A research on your vacation spot's climate and weather report for the days you'll be there helps to reach at a fair number. Do make sure not to under do or over do this list, as clothes and shoes contribute to the weight of your backpack. A handy tip – make room for wrinkle free clothes and save yourself from the hassle of ironing clothes. Also, such clothes can be packed tightly and leave space for other stuff.

Gregory Z30 28L Medium Pack luggage Gregory Z30 28L Medium Pack

As an enthusiastic traveller, there is one more observation I want to share. Seasoned travellers always carry a single luggage item. It is convenient to carry one item especially when you want to include trekking in your itinerary. And when it comes to a backpack or a shoulder strap, never ever compromise with quality. You'll be amazed to find out the durability and longevity of backpacks like Caribee, Osprey, Samsonite, and Victorinox Altmont. Depending upon your requirement, you can also include a useful accessory in your backpack – a sleeping bag.

Follow these simple tips and get ready for a stress-free packing process now. Remember, travelling is much more fun when your backpack and its items are in proper place.

Happy Travelling! Have fun!  :)

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