Packing Basics – 7 Steps on how to be light as a feather when travelling!

November 26, 2013 3 min read

You do want to travel, don't you? Where? Everyone has their own paradise to travel to. So why don't you just leave everything behind and go! Get those 2 weeks off. To recharge yourself. To reconnect with your spirit. To overflow with positive energy. To have the BEST time of your life.

Just book that ticket. And I mean now!

Did you book it? Good...

Now you need to pack, right?

Think light. Think lighter. Actually think LIGHTEST! How you ask?

You're going out of your comfort zone so don't pack your entire house. Stick to the basics.

1. Pack the lightest baggage you can think of, in the lightest bag. You don't want to carry around dead-weight, do you? You want to spring from one place to another, not move like a snail. Plus nobody looks good with bruises or sprained ankles or wrists from lugging around that 50-pound suitcase.

2. One bag. That's all you need. Don't pack more than you can muscle around. And for shorter trips don't pack a check-in. Get a carry on. You'll feel so light, that you actually think you can fly. Also having less luggage actually makes it easier to keep up with your stuff.

3. Add your own compartments. Customise your luggage to your own needs. Anyone, even remotely OCD, will agree. Having everything organised in your luggage, helps save time, ends frustration and the guys at the security check might even pat you on the back for a job well done. Living out of the suitcase is one of the perks of travelling. Move from one place to another, and wherever you set up shop. Open your suitcase and that's home. It's that easy.

4. Be adaptable. When packing, think of outfits that mix well with others. Think creative. Less is more. Get those essentials! A scarf or maybe your favourite hat. But think how many ways can I wear that scarf? Or is this hat suitable for everything? Or maybe you'll find some flair at your destination.

5. Have some white space. Always leave some space in your suitcase for good measure. Who knows, maybe you'll find that dream summer dress, or that cool shirt in a corner shop, on a lost street. Recall your last beach escape? Where you packed so much that you ended up wearing only you bathing clothes and a T-shirt? If you're in doubt, remove it from your bag.

6. They wash stuff there! So you're travelling for 14 days? Does that mean you pack 14 pairs of socks or 14 pairs of underwear? Good Gracious, NO! Even the most remote parts of the world enjoy the pleasures of clean, smelly-free clothes. And the options are many: local laundromat, hotel laundry services (a tad expensive though), or the true traveller's “wash it in the sink” philosophy. Every method has it's merits, yet I prefer the “wash it in the sink”, just because I can pack extremely light. And that means more space for souvenirs.

7. Be fearless! So you arrived at your destination and you forgot to pack some socks? Don't over think it. Everybody forgets stuff when packing. It's what makes it exciting. You can find some there. And you can brag about them. I got these from the Istanbul bazaar! And maybe on your long quest for socks, you'll discover some nice local cafe, or eat some street food or even stumble-upon a festival or celebration. And those are the stories that matter.

Dream about your trip and make packing fun, find lightweight lu. It's just stuff anyway. The real deal is out there!

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