PacSafe – Giving headaches to pick-pockets since 1998

November 27, 2013 2 min read

Getting robbed is a nuisance. So why don't you thief-proof yourself the next time you're travelling?

In 1998, two Aussies founded a small company, after seeing South American locals putting chicken wire 'round their bags for protection against theft. And they said to themselves: “That's a neat idea, mate!”. This was the genesis of PacSafe.

Since then, the company grew and grew, developing new and innovative anti-theft technology. Their products address adventurers at heart, people who walk about the back alleys, who want to be free to explore all possibilities and new opportunities. Who aren't afraid of crowded places, who tear up the map, and make bold to be spontaneous and suck the marrow of each and every second of their travel experience.

With this philosophy in mind, PacSafe devoted themselves into creating the best thief-outsmarting products. Their concoction of simple design, practicality and security is meant to give you the confidence boost you need to get off the beaten track.

Their mission is to make your adventure as smooth as possible and to keep you off the gum tree.

And that they do! In this new age, where thieves, pick-pockets and scammers are getting smarter with better tools and travelling happens on an ordinary basis, PacSafe is the only one giving the mischievous lot the most horrible headaches.

At the moment this brand is the benchmark of security for the everyday traveller, for the people that transit crowded airports and for those urban tourists. See what amazing things these anti-theft products do in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3bUVS64LAA]

Their most well-known products share a number of the following features:

  1. Slashproof Carrysafe® shoulder strap
  2. Smart zipper security™
  3. Smart RFIDsafe™ blocking material / pocket
  4. Turn and lock strap hook™
  5. eXomesh® slashguards

PacSafe Anti-Theft Bags PacSafe Anti-Theft Bags

Along with the Pacsafe ultra-safe bags, the Vault RFID wallets are also crafted to protect with:

  1. 100% fullgrain cowhide leather
  2. Vault RFID protection
  3. Coin pocket
  4. Card slots

This is why, we, The Luggage Professionals, bring you the best security for your adventuring spirit, at the best prices and the best advice!

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