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October 05, 2017 3 min read

There are certainly no hard and fast rules about the perfect suitcase for your circumstances, however we have noticed that our customers will typically fall into one of four categories; the casual traveller, the business traveller, the adventure traveller and the backpacker. Here are our top picks for these 4 types of travellers.

This week we will look at the 'Business Traveller' - check back over the next few weeks for casual, adventure and backpacker top picks!


The Business Traveller

Business travellers demand more from their luggage as they travel more frequently than a casual traveller, they often have more specific requirements such as tech storage or garment carrier inclusions and business travellers require reliability – a wobbly wheel just won’t do when racing from the plane to your meeting. So whilst business travellers are not usually venturing off the beaten path, they do tend to have their bags with them more than a casual traveller so durability is key. Business travellers also look for bags that will last a few years of frequent travel with a solid warranty so repairs are fast and fuss free.

Business travellers include anyone who has one big international conference a year, to those that traverse interstate weekly, they typically have the same basic needs from their luggage. The key factors we tell them to consider are:

  • Soft or hard – this is personal preference, see our soft vs. hard suitcase guide for advice!
  • Budget – given your frequency of use, then investing more into your case will ensure you get premium parts and materials for durability, a reliable warranty and additional packing features such as laptop compartments or garment carriers.
  • Size – this depends on the sort of travel you do. The general rule is the smaller it is the easier it is to manage and the more versatile it will be across different trips requirements. Do consider whether your business travel includes mini bus transport or group scenarios in which suitcase size needs to be factored in.
  • Wheels – 4 wheels is virtually standard on suitcases now, however once outside the airport most people still drag their bag on 2 wheels, particularly as you move between meetings or around cities. For this reason, ensure the rear wheels on the case are particularly stable and high quality.
  • Packing Features – consider whether you need a laptop compartment, file compartment, specialist equipment storage, a garment carrier and so on. Some ranges include garment carriers inside them, and there are many cabin suitcases that now incorporate laptops and file storage allowing you to use them as suitcase or mobile office.
  • Additional Luggage – It’s typical for a business traveller to have a cabin sized mobile office on wheels and a large suitcase if required. The mobile office can act as your briefcase when you arrive, however look for a design that is versatile allowing you to use it as luggage, or a briefcase and an in between. Also make sure it is easy to manage with your large suitcase if you need both.
  • Accessories – a business traveller will require adaptors, luggage sorters (including tech compartments for chargers and cords), a toiletry bag and possibly a travel wallet to keep travel related documentation and money sorted.

Most Popular Options


The Victorinox WT Werks range –

The Werks collection has long been a favourite of business travellers. It’s tough and reliable, with an excellent warranty (covering airline damage) and the case has been designed with business travel in mind. The range itself is expansive with everything from suitcases to garment carriers and duffel bags, allowing travellers to mix and match exactly what they need. The bags all work together, with straps to hook the handheld bags to the trolley bags for easy coordination when using them together. The suitcases all include integrated and removable garment carriers. And there is a range of business briefcases to match, meaning just about any business travellers needs can be met from this one range.



Victorinox Spectra Range –

Victorinox are known for catering to the business traveller, and their key hard suitcase range is no exception. A wide range when you include the game changing Spectra expandable, the range includes cabin suitcases with removable mobile office capability allowing complete versatility for different types of travel. The Expandable collection allows you to have 2 suitcase sizes in one, meaning you can half the amount of luggage you need for all your different business trips – and Victorinox’s large range of briefcases and soft bags will easily work with the Spectra’s.


Images via @victorinox Instagram

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