You Thought Samsonite Cosmolite Was Light? Check Out the Cosmolite FL Range To Be Soaring!

December 13, 2013 2 min read

You have landed on an article about a now superseded Cosmolite model. To see the latest models, please click here. Our Cosmolite's are always competitively priced and with free monogramming!


When the Samsonite Cosmolite range was launched back in 2008, it was like a travellers' dream came true. Lightweight. Impact-resistant and not to forget the beautifully done exteriors – Cosmolite had it all. And then, when we were least expecting it, boom! There came this explosive range of suitcases – the new and improved Samsonite Cosmolite FL from the brand that simply cannot be doubted with its innovations.

Samsonite Cosmolite FL Samsonite Cosmolite FL

Samsonite Cosmolite FL is the luggage that took us by surprise with the perfect Curv Technology, featured in the older Cosmolite range, being taken to a whole another level! This improved collection of suitcases is being made in Europe and is among the most popular Samsonite collections to date.

The Cosmolite FL was launched along with other terrific collections such as the Firelite, B-Lite Xtraand the Cubelite. Each of these collections introduced, made a mark on the luggage market by presenting a remarkable line of luggage which was an improvement over their predecessors from and thus they revolutionised the travel luggage industry yet again.

Coming back to the Cosmolite FL, this line of hard suitcases is simply amazing and build for the adventurous and the restless, or for those who do not prefer to walk the line, even when travelling. Made with the revolutionary Curv material, it is a longer lasting travel suitcase than the most durable ones you own!

Not just that, there has also been a reasonable reduction in weight to make this spinner the lightest suitcase around.

With such features, the Cosmolite FL is an unrivalled object of strength. The design is specifically made to ensure that if the suitcase accidentally falls or is dropped, the damage is absorbed and doesn't endanger its contents.

This fine piece of Samsonite engineering is available in various sizes, ranging from 55 cm to 82 cm, making it the ultimate travel companion for long roads and flights.

Take Your Cosmolite FL to places, adventures and into the unknown!

Ready for an adventure-packed outing? Take a look at Cosmolite FL ranges and get inspired!

P.S – Like all other Samsonite Curv suitcases, the Cosmolite Fl also comes with a 10 year warranty, so you know that you're actually getting a travel companion that won't leave your side for a long time, rather than just a simple suitcase. The Luggage Professionals are also offering a special price cut on these as part of our special savings. So buying now would be the perfect holiday purchase!

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