Samsonite's Torture Chambers – Where Tough Luggage Takes Birth

November 27, 2013 2 min read

Introducing Samsonite as a brand for luggage is like introducing Schweppes as a brand for soft drinks. Really now... everybody knows Samsonite. You even might have a Samsonite luggage somewhere in your attic.

Samsonite has been making quality luggage for over 100 years, serving everyone from the everyday commuter to businessmen going on transcontinental travels. It all started as a family business and as competition started taking a foothold on the market, they came up with innovative luggage concepts that revolutionized the industry.

For the past 10 years Samsonite started appealing to the clients' needs of over-stuffing their luggage and getting as much as possible through check-ins. Due to this their think-tanks department developed the best possible luggage, combining the four key elements of a good luggage piece: durability, lightweight materials and sufficient capacity all at a medium price range, which makes it affordable for the every-day person.

How do they do it? It's easy; they use the three T's methodology: Test, Test and Test some more. The process is applied to every product, testing their maximum limits, in their own “luggage torture chambers”.

They test everything! And they mean it.

  1. The handle is tested by giving jerks for 3500 times in a loaded condition.
  2. Wheel is carried for 32 km in a loaded condition to check the wear and tear for wheels.
  3. Force is applied to sliders and zippers to test the strength of zippers and pullers.
  4. They check the locks durability by operating the lock for 15000 cycles in one go continuously.
  5. The bag is tumbled for 50 cycles in a loaded condition.
  6. They even drop the bag 18 times on the ground at all corners and sides at atmospheric temperature and deep freezing temperature from 0.9 m, just to check if it breaks!

Even more so, each luggage as a specific identity number which is the same number the person who assembled it has, so if any flaws or defects should appear, you can trace it to the person who made it. Isn't that neat?

So you know that you'll get the real deal if you buy one of the Samsonite luggage pieces

Also CNN did an interview with the CEO of Samsonite about the quality of the luggage and what makes this brand so special. You can check it below.

VIDEO URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-aN5kn5zqA

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