The most Popular Travel Products at our Store making travellers happy! Part I

April 15, 2014 4 min read

Sometimes a popularity contest isn't bad especially when it makes the lives of travellers around the world easier. After vying the attention of close to 114,953 travellers and out of hundreds and thousands of travel products, the following travel products have been rated the most popular at our website not only by us but also by different travellers who have bought these over and over again, and have kept them in great demands 'till now.

Getting straight to the list, the first one had to be a Samsonite Spinner. Can't say we're surprised. The brand's a topper!

The Samsonite Cubelite Spinner 55 cm: Samsonite Cueblite Spinner 55 cm – Way under the Australian airlines cabin luggage limit, this spinner is built using the latest technology to make the world's best carry-along. And that is no overstatement. Built using the maverick Curv technology, the Samsonite Cubelite Spinner is the lightest and the most durable luggage suitcases on the block. A classy exterior is exceeded by an efficiently compartmentalised interior that includes a divider to split the base and a “soft touch” divider and large pouch which allows enough space for your on-the-go essentials. This 4-wheeled luggage also features 360 degree manoeuvrability that gets it ready for a smooth walk to the airplane or a hysteric run when almost missing your flight.

Samsonite Cubelite 55cm Samsonite Cubelite 55cm

Antler Liquis Suitcase Set of 3: Polycarbonate A-plus shell that has been tested for endurance and fragility makes up each of these Antler Liquis luggage suitcase. The set includes suitcases of 83, 68 and 56 cm respectively. Each of these can be carried along as cabin luggage. All are lightweight, ergonomically designed for transport and better grip. There's enough inside-capacity and handles have soft yet slip-resistant top and side handles for a better grip. The suitcases feature TSA fixed combination locks, so these are absolutely secure and safe to take along. The suitcase set is an embodiment of Antler's quality, strength and design that has made this 100 year old brand a never-ending success story.

Antler Liquis Set of 3 Cases Antler Liquis Set of 3 Cases

The Hidesign Overnight Apollo Bag: Rarely has there been a case where a bag would inspire one to travel. But aristocratic craftsmanship and gorgeous ensemble of the Apollo Bag tempts you like an enchantress to make that journey. Built in duffel style, this Hidesign Overnight Apollo bag is made from the finest cow hide leather there is. The look and feel exudes luxury and practicality both at a single glance. The handles are ergonomic and can be clipped ensuring comfort while carrying it along. The bag also has a long shoulder strap with a comfort pad. It's the perfect choice when travelling for a day or two or when a dandy cabin luggage is required.

A symbol of Hidesign's superiority and vehement attention to details, this bag is a must have for men and women who like to travel in style. The price? Let's just say you will be happily surprised. Hidesign's Apollo bag simply put, is 'affordable luxury' like all other Hidesign travel products. And by affordable we mean, happiness for the wallet and total value for money. It would have been unusual for this bag to not have been among the top sellers.

Hidesign Overnight Apollo Hidesign Overnight Apollo

American Tourister Applite 82 cm Expandable Spinner Suitcase: You may have heard that good things come in small packages and what comes in this expandable little wonder is beyond your wildest thoughts. Of course this spinner suitcase is lightweight and expandable, but so are many others. What does this American Tourister suitcase have that others don't? A capacity like no other. It is astonishing how much the 82 cm Applite case can fit in! With this big a volume, you won't have to leave anything behind on a holiday. Moreover, it can be your primary luggage carrier or cabin luggage. Use it just the way you like it. Storage pockets, fully lined compartments, four wheels, TSA approved locks, expandable shells, protected corners for shock-proofing your belongings and so much more!

This is your “fits all occasions and needs” kind of a case. The American design and extra durable structure makes it a traveller's best buy! No wonder that it's part of the top 4 at The Luggage Professionals.

American Tourister Applite American Tourister Applite

The Samsonite Cubelite 76cm Spinner Suitcase: Seems like Samsonite is on fire! But it's really hard to beat the legacy of a brand which has 100 years of expertise behind it and an intelligently strong grip on the future! The Cubelite from Samsonite is an example of the hard-working past of the brand meeting the ultimate and innovative future in luggage manufacturing.

Potent with unparalleled durability, an inimitable design and the revolutionary Curv material, the Cubelite is the lightest, strongest and extra-ordinarily functional travel case that you can invest in. 2 wheels on each corner make it the perfect 360 spinner, ideal for dragging, running amok on the airport, leisurely gliding or even for throwing it to your friend behind the bar (yes, the Cubelite spinner can take it, but what about your friend?). The TSA approved locks are built in and make the Cubelite safe, secured and worry-free.

Stating that the Cubelite is the best cabin luggage that you can get will be obviating, but to say that the suitcase is going to make packing and travelling a joy will be sharing an experience of all those who made it the top selling product on our luggage store!

Samsonite Cubelite 76 cm Spinner Samsonite Cubelite 76 cm Spinner

Here they are - the stars of our travel products store. Does your list include any of these or do you have unlisted favourites? Share with us in the comments and we will be happy to add them to our list!

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