Top 3 Luggage Bag Types You Should Consider Before Your Next Flight

September 22, 2015 2 min read

Travelling is fun. Luggage isn't the fun aspect of travelling, though. Whether you travel for business  or are an excited vacationer, carrying luggage should not at all be a hassle. Now, an expensive branded bag might look fancy, but, is it really worth the price you pay? Is it really your fits-all-journeys solution? We don't think so.

In this article, we've enlisted top 3 luggage bags you should consider for your next flight that are a must for a hassle-free smooth traveling experience.

A Carry on - With a carry on bag, you don't need to fret over the unexpected manhandling by the airport staff. As you are the one who's going to handle it during the flight, you can go for a designer one. There are many carry ons that come with anti-theft features as well. But before you go ahead to make a purchase, do confirm the maximum dimensions and weight limit for in-flight luggage  specified by the airlines. This saves you from unnecessary jostling and awkward moments, in case your bag fails to fit in the overhead compartment. Also, many luggage bags come with four wheels. If you plan to stuff a number of items in the bag, you can choose a wheeled one.

carry on

A Personal Item - Most of the airlines allow a personal item along with a carry on. The list may include a laptop bag, a purse or a backpack, depending upon the preference and the size. A laptop bag is the what most travellers carry. Again, these come in an array of features like four wheeled, or anti-theft. The added compartments allow you to stash important documents along with the laptop.


A Suitcase- The retractable handle and supporting wheels make a suitcase, a hassle-free bag to carry in and around the flight. In case of a suitcase, one must be cautious about the weight limit and choose accordingly. Interestingly, an extra strap can be attached to the suitcase, which can be connected to another bag. This is handy especially, when one has to pull two luggage bags together.
It is mostly due to jam packed airports and flights that why your luggage bags gets manhandled sometimes. So, ensure that you don't travel with bags made from poor or low quality fabric. But don't too much money on high-end fashionable ones. No one needs to be impressed when you travel. Go for only top quality alternatives, which can bear the brunt of airport travel and also your adventurous travel plans.

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