Top 5 Brands at The Luggage Professionals

November 27, 2013 2 min read

It's the holidays! Time to pack up and leave; but wait a minute.. what is that? Where's the luggage? Come on! You can't let luggage hold you back. Check the attic, the basement, the outhouse, you are sure to find some bags from previous years. No? Then we're up in the gum tree mate!

But we are ready with the solution! The Luggage Professionals are here to help with all your luggage needs. We will tell you about the top 5 Luggage brands that manufacture the most durable luggage, which lasts many holiday trips and as many of the travel adventures as you will embark on. Also, this luggage won't damp squib your last minute travel plans.

These travel luggage brands carry an international reputation and some offer a warranty for as long as 7 years! Impressed? Browse through the list to see if you find your travel pal in any of the following.

Samsonite is everyone's luggage! Whether you want trendy, functional or durable, this most prevalent brand in the world provides everything to everyone. Each Samsonite piece is manufactured with expertise and a lot of care. Not to mention their luggage testing procedures which can be realistically called vigorously aggressive!

Samsonite Luggage Samsonite Luggage

You can shop Samsonite bags, suitcases and the newly launched line – the Cosmolite range with us. We are also offering up to 35% off on the new range of Samsonite Cosmolite range.


Hedgren Bags Hedgren Bags

Hedgren is rated among the most stylish and top rated brands in the world. And rightly so, with its designs inspired by the really high Belgian style quotient. The best part, Hedgren luggage doesn't have just the pretty looks; they are also extremely enduring. With Hedgren, your desire to travel in style is taken care of.


Tumi Luggage Tumi Luggage

Tumi's story began in 1975 and since then it has been adding to its glorious list of chapters (read luggage lines) one after the other! Each piece comes with something the insiders at the company call the – TUMI DIFFERENCE. So now you know why it is included in our top 5! Not really? Check out the Tumi collection.


Rimowa Luggage Rimowa Luggage

Year 1898, a luggage company takes birth and gives the world literally a reason to travel! Rimowa luggage pieces are not your avant-garde 21st century, top-of-the-head design kind of luggage. These are carefully crafted pieces of excellence. Durability and ever-lasting are some of the words that travellers associate with Rimowa luggage pieces. To find out more, click here.


Caribee Backpacks Caribee Backpacks

Now who doesn't know Caribee! If you are an Australian and love to haul a backpack on a hill or a dicey trail, you know Caribee too well! Perhaps, the backpack you are hauling in the above sentence is a Caribee too! Caribee is tough, long-lasting and everything a traveller would love to travel with.

So here it is, 5 brands that we think are ultra-reliable for people who want to get and forget buying again!

Tell us what do you think? Or simply, find more brands that might suit your journeys more at:

A very joyful holiday season everyone! :)

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