Unusual Yet Useful Hi-Tech Travel Gadgets

October 18, 2014 2 min read

Interesting and innovative travel gadgets are of great use and can keep you company on-the-go. The highly useful technological inventions care for your smallest of needs and make you feel at ease while travelling.

Here are a handful of travel gadgets that might increase your comfort-level considerably and also add a fun element to your trips!

WiFi Detector T-shirt - Gone are the days of mobility sans internet connectivity. No need to carry portable WiFi locators which are likely to be misplaced! Just wear the new-age WiFi detector t-shirt and find the nearest WiFi hotspot. The t-shirt has a battery pack sewn in it and also displays the signal strength as you come nearer the hotspot and vice-versa.

Jet-lag Goggles - Frequent travellers often complain of being jet-lagged and end up feeling tired and grumpy. It is at this point that the Retimer jet-lag goggles, an Australian University invention comes to their rescue. The glassless goggles emit a ray of green light that penetrates the wearer’s eyes and reaches a part of the brain that regulates the circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. This process in turn re-jigs the wearer’s natural body cycle to adjust in a foreign environment.

Waterless Toothbrush - When on a long flight and the urge to freshen your mouth becomes unbearable just use the waterless toothbrush. These one-time teeth scrubbers have a small toothpaste like gum-ball fixed in them that you need to chew to get rid of any bad mouth odour bothering you. The waterless toothbrush is a great way for travellers to keep their mouth bacteria-free by leaving a lingering trail of cool breezy breath to last for hours on end.

Air-conditioned Jacket - If the heat starts to get onto you, just put on the air-conditioned jacket to relax. The USB equipped jacket has two built-in fans that run on four AA batteries to keep you cool for up to five hours.

Pocket Shower - An ideal solution for showering outdoors, the pocket shower is a bliss for ardent campers, hikers and trekkers. Just hang the high-quality, waterproof compact shower head with a capacity of upto 10 litres to refresh yourself with a warm shower amidst the natural environs any time anywhere!

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