Save 40% on American Tourister Lightway Luggage!

January 12, 2016 2 min read

Samsonite's Lightness Champion is here! All hail the American Tourister Lightway series that includes, cabin luggage, spinner suitcases, expandable cases, and all that a hyper traveller would happily opt for!

The Luggage Professionals is excited to announce that we have now made the American Tourister Lightway series suitcases available at our online and physical luggage stores and are also offering 40% off on it! You would not only get an amazing luggage but pay 40% less on it! This new breed of suitcases is made with intelligence and keeping in mind ergonomics that can make travel easier and more comfortable!

American Tourister Ligthway Series American Tourister Ligthway Series

The engineers at American Tourister present to you a great suitcase model which is in fact a model luggage carrier! Let's check out some of the features that are standard to almost all American Tourister Lightway cases – carry on, cabin or spinner; which also make them the first choice for the millennial traveller!

1) Lightest in weight - The Lightway series suitcases are made from lightweight fibre glass, polypropylene and highly-resistant nylon which makes them the lightest luggage on the block. But light doesn't mean frivolous here. These suitcases are also some of the most resilient and resistant cases you will find on the market.
2) Expandable storage space – With a huge volume and properly utilized (read organised) storage space, you will never have to leave a thing or two behind.
3) Ergonomic Design - The suitcase features perfectly positioned handles, 2 wheels with support and a light-body With all these features, the traveller will never be inconvenienced on account of the Lightway suitcase.
4) The brand proclaims these suitcases as their Lightness Champions and we are not arguing with that!
5) Interior Organisation and Spatial advantage – Another feature that sets these suitcases apart from the rest is their interior organisation and use of space. While these suitcases are compact and perfect as cabin luggage and carry-ons, they also have additional front pockets which means more space than you anticipated.
6) In 6 funky colors! No more dull suitcases but robust, in-your-face cool, suitcases that will transform your travel experience into one that's worth looking forward too!

To smoother packing processes, those comfortable journeys and the sturdier suitcases, that help us make them! A very happy 2016 to all of you and we hope that The Luggage Professionals keeps on bringing you products you would love to make trips with! :)

Check out the American Tourister Lightway collection here! No coupon is required for discount, the prices are already marked down.

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