The New Samsonite Cosmolite FL - Super Good Looking and Comes with a 40% Discount at TheLuggageProfessionals

May 04, 2014 1 min read

Traveling light is all we've been talking about since ever, right?

So how do we do it? Reduce luggage items, pack judiciously or even better, invest in a luggage carrier that is light yet sturdy. The new Samsonite Cosmolite FLis a super good looking luggage carrier, now stronger and lighter than before. The Cosmolite will withstand all weather conditions to make your trip memorable and comfortable.

Samsonite Cosmolite FL

Does it look stylish? Yes, it does.
Does it suffice travel requirements? It certainly does.
Is it easy to move around? Absolutely, it is.
Is Samsonite Cosmolite FL expensive? No way!

The Cosmolite suitcase is a grabber at this price in its segment. And you also get a whopping 40% discount on Samsonite Cosmolite luggage carriers at TheLuggageProfessionals.com. It definitely is one grab-it-now deal.

So, how cool is the Cosmolite suitcase?

  • It is lightweight but extremely strong. So, durability is not questionable.
  • It is made with the revolutionary Curv® technology, making it better than ever.
  • The shell-like ridges with Curv® technology make Cosmolite impact resistant.
  • Samsonite Cosmolite FL looks beautiful with a light woven polypropylene shell.
  • It has multidirectional spinner wheel for easy moving around and a monopole handle.
  • Your luggage is safe in a TSA Combi lock that comes with the Cosmolite.
  • Fully lined cross ribbons, zipper protection, divider pad are some of the other cool features in the Samsonite Cosmolite.

Samsonite Cosmolite FL

The Cosmolite comes in various colors and is one of those one-time-investments you’re gonna recommend to friends and acquaintances. Checkout Samsonite Cosmolite FL at TheLuggageProfessionals and get a 40% discount.

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