Top 10 'Back to Work' Innovations in business bags

January 17, 2017 4 min read

top 10 back to work innovations

It's mid Jan, so by now we're shaking off the post holiday blues and getting started on goals for 2017. These innovations in briefcases and business bags can upgrade your work experience this year.

1. Expandable Briefcases: Not necessarily a new innovation, however the latest batch from Victorinox & Samsonite feature specialised storage for your laptop + tablet with an expandable sections for either files or some overnight necessities. You will also find most designs have a sleeve on the back that fits over your suitcase handle for better integrated travel and an organisational panel in the front pocket. The latest batch are savvy and relate to modern workers - an upgrade could make the world of difference to your commute and day to day use!

Shop our range of briefcases here.

Our top pick is the Victorinox Lexicon Professional La Salle 15 Laptop Briefcase- a premium quality briefcase with a lifetime warranty - it's smart, savvy, has looks to kill and will last beyond retirement.  Was $629. Now $377.40

2. IPad/Tablet Briefcases: If you no longer need to cart your laptop to and fro but wouldn't be caught dead without your tablet - there is an emerging range of shoulder bags, satchels and mini briefcases designed to fit this job. Ranging from casual to smart casual to business with added features such as anti-theft technology and convertible straps you're sure to find one that fits your needs.

Shop the range of iPad/tablet briefcases here.

Find anti-theft iPad/tablet bags here

Our top pick is the Victorinox Werks Professional Analyst 10 Tablet Briefcase - this mini-briefcase is smart enough to wear with your suit and features a deluxe organisational panel in the front pocket. Was $185. Now $111

3. New Collection of Women's Business Bags: For years the choice was to stick with the big, black, bulky men's designs or opt for overly feminine designs. The new batch from the likes of Samsonite and Pacsafe include shoulder bags and backpacks with colour options ranging from black to nude to grey and red. These bags are professional, lightweight and well designed.

Shop the range here.

Our top picks include the Samsonite Boulevard and City Air range and the Pacsafe Slingsafe range.

4. Anti-Theft Laptop Backpacks: The answer to all your hot-desking frustrations! The emergence of new open plan and hot desking style offices is terrific - except when you want to duck out to the coffee shop to grab a coffee without first gathering all your bits to put in a locker and risk losing your spot. The range of anti-theft backpacks have slash proof lining, lockable pockets and you can lock the strap to a fixed pole so no one can run off with it, keeping you gear safe at all times.

Shop the range here

Top Pick: Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 anti-theft 25L backpack - this backpack has storage for up to a 15 inch laptop, plus more and has 6 anti-theft safe guard features; it's available in a range of colours and is designed for both men and women. Was $199.95 Now $169.96

5. The new Prodigy mobile office by Samsonite: This is a well designed carry on size suitcase with generous packing space and a fast access front sleeve for your laptop, tablet and personal effects. This makes getting through airport security a breeze and also makes going from airport to meeting to hotel a much simpler task. Most innovative of all is that it's one of the first premium quality mobile offices that comes in a colour option other than black.

Find the Samsonite Prodigy Mobile Office Here. Was $429. Now $257.40

6. Convertible Bags: Depending on what line of work you're in, your bag might just need to do more. Attend a meeting with your tablet as a shoulder bag, convert it to a backpack to jump on your motor cycle to get on site, then convert it to a waist pack to keep your hands free.

This is all possible with the following convertible designs:

7. Convertible Cabin Suitcase/Mobile Office: Storing 2 different cabin bags, one for your business trips and one for your leisure trips can be a right pain. Surely it would be easier if they were both the one case? Well now they are - the Victorinox Spectra range of cabin suitcases all feature a removable 'business panel', which when attached houses your laptop and work gear with packing space behind, or simply remove it when you want to dedicate the whole suitcase to board shorts and snorkel gear.

Shop the Victorinox Spectra Range here

8. A gym/weekend bag to match your suit: Speaking of one bag to meet all your needs, The Victorinox Architecture Urban Rappard Expandable Satchel is a premium quality duffel bag that is smart enough to take to the office with your gym kit inside. This all purpose bag is expandable too, so it's makes a great weekend bag or cabin bag for your travels as needed. It comes with Victorinox's lifetime warranty, it's quality and versatility make it well worth the investment.

Was $559. Now $335.40

9. Portable Safe: Is your office less high rise and more work site? Or perhaps less desk and more cliff top? Modern connectivity means we can now work everywhere, but this also means you might find yourself having to stash your laptop on a busy building site, or carting your camera to a shoot in the middle of a market - Pacsafe's range of portable safe's could be the answer for you.

Find them here.

10. Hi Vis Gear:Whether it's a workplace necessity or you simply want to be seen when you're cycling home, the Caribee range of high vis bags is essential.

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