Of the Two New Suitcases and Our Regular Marked Down Pricing!

August 09, 2014 3 min read

Nothing makes us happier than adding solid, sturdy and awesome suitcases to our inventory! Yes, that's a day in life of a luggage enthusiast, curator and collector that is carefully marked. So recently, we updated our suitcase collection here at The Luggage Professionals, and was that a day of happiness or what!

Not only were we excited about our good looking suitcases but also our presenting them to travellers around the world! So behold the two beauties that got us almost jumping out of our shoes and soon we'll reveal to you something that will make you jump out of your shoes too!

First is the Antler Cyberlite Cabin 4W Roller Case.

Antler 4 Wheeled Roller Case

People are extremely particular and rightly so about the kind of cabin suitcase they'd like to board the plane with. Come to think of it, finding a cabin suitcase that fits all yet doesn't take much space and also appeals to your taste and sense of style is not very easily available for purchase. But sometimes something comes along and snug fits all criteria. The new Antler Cyberlite Cabin 4 wheeled roller case will appeal to your sight and intellect both!

Now let's closely investigate what's so great about the Antler Cyberlite Cabin case:

Antler 4 Wheeled Cabin Roller Green Suitcase

1) It weighs 2.4 kgs which is within the carry-on luggage limit and gives you enough leverage to be a little generous in carrying in-flight essentials.
2) The height is 56 cm and the width is 35 cm.
3) The Antler cabin suitcase is expandable and features front and side pockets for extra storage.
4) The lightweight nature of the suitcase makes it easy to lift and if at all it does become a difficulty, drag it on the 4 wheels.
5) Manoeuvrability is awesome with a smooth functioning wheel system that moves with you heel to heel.
6) With TSA approved locks and a sturdy ergonomic grip, you simply cannot blame this product of acute labour and designing for things going wrong.

And, in case, something goes wrong, you can use the rights under the 10 year warranty it grants you! :)

The Cyberlite Roller Case by Antler is available in perky colours such as green, orange and red. These are thus perfect to kill the monotony of the blacks, browns and silver tones.

Antler 4 Wheeled Cabin Suitcase                                                    Antler 4 Wheeled Cabin Suitcase

Antler 4 Wheeled Cabin Suitcase

Oh yeah, one more VERY IMPORTANT thing about the Antler luggage! It's marked at $229.00 but at The Luggage Professionals, you can buy the Antler Roller Case for $134.99! This unbelievably low price is only a limited time offer.

But there's something else that might just turn the Antler over to your blind side? Take a look at the Samsonite Spin Trunk 66 cm Spinner suitcase and you'll probably be double-minded about which one to buy.

Samsonite 66cm Spinner Trunk

This Samsonite beauty is a true revolution in the luggage industry. It features innovative 20:80 Volumax design that ensures efficient packing and maximum storage. This Samsonite spinner is inspired by the soft side cases in terms of storage capacity and is structurally designed to store more and weigh less. The 20:80 Split means that the lid is lighter as opposed to the usual 50:50 suitcases. So the lid offers only 20% storage space while the bulkier and spatial base allows for 80% storage (see pictures).

Samsonite Volumax 20:80

The Samsonite spinner 66 cm has all the great strengths of a Samsonite suitcase along with the new volumax functionality. It's a pretty piece of art too as it looks great in its dark night blue shade and ridged surface.

Samsonite Spinner 66cm       Samsonite Spinner 66cm Trunk

The wheel system allows for multi-directional manoeuvrability making it a travel partner you can rely on in all kinds of walks (from frantic to cruising) at the airport. Oh yes, the wheel system is screech-less and noiseless as well.

Samsonite 66cm Spinner Trunk

Internally, the Samsonite spin trunk is an ideal suitcase with multiple compartments and enough storage space. Your items will be protected and fully safeguarded in the spin trunk. To make it more irresistible, we have marked down its price considerably! So what was a whopping $499.00 earlier is now a $298.99! This act of goodness is subject to an expiry date, so don't wait! Talk to our luggage professionals for more information on this piece.

Spin it, slide it or carry it on to welcome your best travel buddy (or ies) in your life! :)

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