Barrel Bags by Tatonka Luggage - High Performing and Durable

June 08, 2014 1 min read

Tatonka Luggage is a favorite amongst adventure seekers and travellers for its eco-friendly bearings and highly durable exteriors. And one luggage carrier you can't miss from Tatonka is their super functional and useful barrel bags.

Barrel bags by Tatonka are robust traveller bags, for trips that involve adventure, treks, rough and tough terrains and adverse climatic conditions. Barrel bags are easy to carry around and have various variants - backpack straps, roller bags, carry on and more.

Tatonka barrel bags are mostly made of tarpaulin and textreme which makes them highly strenuous and indestructible. The various barrel bag models by Tatonka have different features to make them stand out and be fully functional for your trip.

Barrel bags by Tatonka have:

  • padded base
  • mesh pockets under lids
  • strong and wide shoulder loops
  • handles on both sides
  • strong zips
  • strong wheels and telescopic handles in the roller bags
  • hidden rucksack shoulder straps
  • zippered and padded compartments

Tatonka bags are very durable and high performing. The brand loyalists would know how high quality Tatonka barrel bags turn out to be. Carry them around for adventure trips, weekend trips, long vacations and anywhere you go to carry with you all that makes your trip complete. After all, a trip becomes more reassuring and comfortable when you have a carrier as reliable as a Tatonka. :)

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