Anti-Theft Sling Bags and Why they're so Awesome!

April 18, 2014 2 min read

Imagine yourself roaming the streets of your favorite destination, you are enjoying the sights, and suddenly someone slashes the strap of your rucksack and runs away with it. You run after that thief but fail to get your bag back. There goes your stress-free vacation, doesn't it. Now, you read on how to prevent getting mugged on vacations, but the truth is, no matter what you do, sometimes you simply cannot avoid/ be safe from every crook. But there is a solution to this. Let us rewind to the scenario where you're leisurely strolling on the streets, and a robber tries to rob you, but you have a strong bag which has slash proof straps. Since the thief could not cut your bag, you now have an advantage over him and can raise an alarm, hence saving your valuable belongings. You want to know which is the bag that will save you from getting robbed on all your vacations? It is the PacSafe SlingSafe RFID Handbag!

PacSafe SlingSafe 150 GII RFID Handbag PacSafe SlingSafe 150 GII RFID Handbag

Now, one might argue that an anti-theft backpack will be better than a Slingbag. But the thing is that when you need to take anything out from a backpack, you have to literally stop and rummage around in the bag, whereas a slingbag will not distract you and will also have enough space for you to carry all your essentials around on a vacation.

PacSafe is known for their highly useful anti-theft products which have every safety measure incorporated in them. For the frequent traveller who wants to be safe and carefree at the same time, PacSafe offers a wide range of anti-theft products, most of which you will find at The Luggage Professionals.

This SlingSafe Handbag comes with a variety of features which will keep your belongings safe on your travels, some of them being, RFID blocking pocket, Slashproof Carrysafe shoulder strap, water repellent material and smart zipper security. With the plethora of pockets and internal compartments, there is a designated place for everything which will also help you stay organized.

PacSafe SlingSafe 150 GII RFID Handbag Features

 So you know what to do to avoid the scenario we narrated at the beginning! Visit and get started on your safety!

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