The Caribee Hi Vis Flow 2L Hydration Pack: Not Just Another Hiking Product but a Potential lifeline for Hikers and Trekkers

May 22, 2014 3 min read

Anyone who has trailed the rough terrains of mountains will know how every piece of equipment on them can make the difference between her making to the top and back again or being swallowed into the magnanimity of the mountains and waiting for rescue.

It's neither a walk in the park nor a run around your neighbourhood, but more of a one-on-one with the unforgiving forces of nature which will tax you for your carelessness and lack of far-sightedness. When on majestic treks the beautiful can often turn into the most dangerous and the harmless almost into the fatal. The same sun, that looks like a blanket of warmth in the early mornings dawning the open valleys, becomes a stamina-sucking scorcher as afternoon approaches. When the hard-heat hits your skin and starts sucking you dry through and through, that's when you open your cumbersomely placed canteen of water only to swig out the remaining droplets of what could have been sherbet in the summer mornings.

Among the lovers of mountains, outdoors and the wild, there are those who would spend big bucks on the best rucksacks, backpacks, tents, gadgets and even Go Pro but would think twice before buying a hydration pack! Hydrating liquids such as energy-booster drinks, mineral-infused water and simple fresh spring or stream water can be the ultimate motivator to push you forward on those sometimes unimaginably difficult inclines of the mountain slopes! That's why today we are writing a post not on those multi-purpose, ultra speciality backpacks or rucksacks but a humble Hydration pack because when it comes to survival, it's not the fancy but the functional that can save your life!

 Caribee Hi Vis Flow 2L Hydration Pack

So let's dissect the durable and reliable Caribee Hi Vis 2 L Hydration pack and see why it is one of the best things to have in your survival gear.

  1. This Caribee is made of strong and insulated material which is of Hi Vis colour – so your companions don't miss you on starless nights, especially when you forget to carry a flash-light. A reflecting piping is also available.

  2. The reservoir has a capacity of 2L with a screw cap that shelters an insulated hydration sleeve which means the water/ liquid stored will remain at the same constant temperature for a while.

  3. Twin shoulder duct hydration ports make it extremely convenient.

  4. The back features padding so wearing it for longer hours during walks, hikes and treks won't be cumbersome.

  5. The Caribee Hi Viz Flow Hydration 2L Pack also features a sternum strap to ensure that it is securely locked on your body.

There's a good chance that you may be thinking that wearing the hydration pack on your back will in fact add to your woes as you'd also need to carry the rucksack. Quite correct. However, what you can do instead is to strap the hydration pack onto your rucksack or your backpack or better strap the hydration pack around your waist with the sternum strap. You can also have someone in your trekking troop carry it if she or he is travelling lighter. But whatever you do, don't leave it at home or worse, not include it in your must haves!

A 2L hydration pack will be much more useful when thirst snaps at your throat rather than an extra phone batter or camera lens.

Think about it.

Go on, get cut off from civilisation for a while - we have the right tools for you. :) 

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