First Time Trekkers: To Carry Or Not To Carry

September 14, 2015 2 min read

Some people trek to conquer the mountain outside; and others, to conquer the mount of chaos inside! Whatever be the reason that titillates that adventurous streak in you, a first time trekker can't afford to go unprepared. The stakes are just too high (you need to keep yourself alive and in one piece for the upcoming treks) ! ;)

In this write-up, we've compiled a list of essentials that you need to carry on a trek. This is a standard checklist of items and is not specific to any time duration.

The unpredictable weather on mountains, means you take the right pair of clothes -

Though days are pleasant, temperature in mountains during the nights and mornings is much lower than it is during the day. Add  the probability of rain to the weather, and you need to be extra cautious. An extra pair of thermal underwear and a set of waterproof lower and upper wear is recommended.

A robust pair of hiking shoes is an investment you shouldn't shy away from -

Along with durability, consider a water-proof footwear. Trekking is impossible if you aren't wearing the right pair of footwear. A pair of flip flops is a good option if you want to relax your feet after a strenuous trek.

A comfy trekkingbackpackfor both uphill and downhill trek -

Balancing a trekking backpack can be tricky! Make sure that you carry a light backpack which has only the absolute essentials. The idea of a first time trek isn't to show off branded traveling gear or clothes. The idea is to be comfortable, carry minimum clothes, and to stay motivated enough to re-visit the tricky terrains again.

Water purifier, a top priority item -

A water purifier is recommended to the trekkers around the world. Though mountain streams are a source for pristine/clean water, we suggest caution when you use the same. If carrying a water purifier is  a hassle, you can always go for sterilization drops or tablets to be on the safer side.

Other absolute essentials you need to carry, include -

Nobody can deny that the temptation, when one enters a shop where trekking gear is available, is dauntingly irresistible. But one must exercise caution and should avoid an excitement filled shopping spree. But give priority to only practical and feasible stuff such as: first aid kit, maps, fire-starter and matches, headlamp / flashlight, multi-purpose knife, and extra batteries.

Nature is majestic, and can offer some of the best lessons when you go out to explore it. But if you go completely prepared, the overwhelming experience will be worth your salt!

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