The Hard and Soft of Suitcases

February 08, 2014 3 min read

In the big and awesome world of travel, travellers can sometimes be divided (based on their preferences) into travellers with hard suitcases and those with soft ones. Both the tribes are always trying to prove a point about their choice of weapons – to be read suitcases - and about which of the two is better for travelling.

As a new entrant into this world, if you too had been cautioned or appraised about the benefits of hard suitcases v/s the soft suitcases or vice versa, then you need to read this article before you decide on the suitcase you want to get or the tribe that you want to be part of.

Let's talk about hard suitcases:

Hard Suitcases Hard Suitcases

Hard suitcases or hard shelled suitcases have a polycarbonate exterior and are extremely lightweight. They can also be spinners with wheels and prove to be pretty great carriers. They are the original wheelies and portable as these can be easily rolled and spun around. As far as storing and packing is concerned hard suitcases are practical, functional and protective but not expandable because of the limitations that the exterior hard shell presents. Hard suitcases are available in a variety of sizes: small, large, medium where small and medium suitcases can double up as cabin suitcases and in-flight carry ons.

Hard suitcases, because of their non-fabric make, are inadvertently more durable and shock-proof. These are also water-resistant and flexible to a large extent. Chances of a hard shell luggage collapsing completely on a trip are much less because of the way they are built – tough and compact.

Hard shelled cases are a recent phenomenon with Rimowa taking the lead in introducing this evolutionary trend in the luggage industry in the early 2000s. And since their debut, they can be seen all over the airports, railways, bus stops and cars. The tribe is gradually expanding as many travellers are shifting their loyalties to the hard, shiny colourful cases. However, the good old days of over-stuffing are gone with the increasing use of hard shells.

Let's Not Forget Soft Suitcases:

Soft Suitcases Soft Suitcases

Before this article becomes too one-sided, let's quickly get to the softer side of things! Soft suitcases have been around for ages. The fabric suitcases were the only kind before the hard shells were invented. With the increasing popularity of hard shells, the soft suitcases have been sidelined a bit. However, there are still people from this tribe who would prefer nothing but softer suitcases in their cavalcade of luggage.

Well, these are not half-bad as hard shell make them seem. Soft suitcases are a competent form of travel gear. They are expandable, resistant to impact and can be conveniently over-stuffed. Many new luggage brands are also introducing advanced soft suitcases with upgraded structures and technology that makes them lighter and more easily-transportable than their predecessors.

There are soft suitcases with wheels which offer the same comfort and convenience in rolling as hard shells do. However, with luggage policies at the airports getting stricter and stricter and weight-limits getting lower and lower, hard shell luggage suitcases with their lighter weights may be gaining firmer grounds with the travellers. Yet, softer suitcases can't be ignored because of their durability and long life spans. Whilst for hard suitcases sometimes it gets short due to irreparable dents, cracks and deformations. Especially if these are not of good quality.

If you still can't decide between the two kinds of suitcases then we suggest you to consider the following 3 Ps before making a purchase:

  1. Price
  2. Personal Need and Purpose
  3. Preference

Not in the same order of course. :)

At The Luggage Professionals, we make both tribes happy by offering top-quality hard and soft suitcases at the best prices possible. This way to the suitcase merry-land!

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