Hidesign's Weekend Special Getaway

December 21, 2013 2 min read


The image above invokes ideas of getting away for the weekend, packing the car up and bailing…. Good times abound for sure.

So to help you with your spontaneous weekend plans, we have prepared a neat collection of weekender styled bags. Bags that won’t look out of place in Monaco, St Trope or the Great Ocean Road (or Uluru if you’re that way inclined). Bags that are good for a weekend. A casual, relaxed weekend…

If you’re hitting the road, wheeled bags, backpacks, briefcases or any sort of work bag won't cut it (unless, of course, your weekend getaway implies spreadsheets, emails and a laptop). No one wants to roll a bag down to their car and fit something that is so formal and bounded by shape. Time to let your hair down Molly, pack light and set off towards the sunset in your Jaguar…

Anyway, fantasising or not, a good weekender still needs pockets for your toiletries, reading material, and holiday artefacts. But it doesn’t need as much carry emphasis.

You want that casual feel, a feeling of carefree and youthfulness. Basically you want to look like you’re from one of those Peter Jackson ads from yesteryear and wheels or backpack straps don't fit in.

Just because it’s less about being ‘optimised’. Classic forms and materials generally look better, the coated canvas or the leatherwork makes a duffel the pinnacle of a weekend getaway.

With this in mind, Hidesign has created a simple and fresh collection of weekenders. Browse through them and take your pick for that weekend getaway!

Hidesign Apollo Overnight Bag Hidesign Apollo Overnight Bag

Hidesign Grassi Overnight Bag Hidesign Grassi Overnight Bag

Hidesign Greenwich Travel Bag Hidesign Greenwich Travel Bag

Hidesign Jacob Leather Overnight Bag Hidesign Jacob Leather Overnight Bag

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