Planning for a solo trip? 10 Beautiful Destinations You Might Want to Explore - Part I

June 05, 2014 3 min read

Solo travel trips are acts of courage and lots of fun! Taking out the time for oneself is one of the most difficult tasks but when you manage to accomplish, you have a beautiful time planned ahead. Solo trips give you the freedom of traveling on a single person’s budget and spending without having to worry about your partner’s comfort. We know so many travel lovers who set out on solo trips pretty often. So, get set to witness the 10 most beautiful and affordable destinations you can explore on when travelling solo. 

Dublin, Europe

Dublin is a city of art and architecture. It is one of the most aspired for destinations in Europe and has a rich historical culture. Be prepared to please your eyes in several museums and of course hog on all the amazing food the city has to offer. Commute around Dublin in public buses, rent a bike or explore the city on foot. To stay, the city has accommodations of all prices - pick hotels /motels/ hostels that suit your pocket. Food and sightseeing is not all that pricey, just be on your own and tour around independently.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The rich culture, colored houses, sweet coffee shops and quiet canals of Amsterdam would want you to come back every time you plan a holiday. The city has a spectacular view and entices you in its charm. Walk/bike around Amsterdam to enjoy it at its best. As far as pricing, the city is a good bargain and keeps your trip's cost low. A solo trip to Amsterdam is highly recommended.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Get enchanted by the beauty of Reykjavik. The city has gorgeous natural wonders and a number of spectacular sites to please your eyes. the walkways are perfect to make your mornings wonderful and thoughtful. The public transportation system is pretty convenient and you can also rent a car. The city might be a little expensive than the rest in this list, but worth all the memories.

Brussels, Europe

Enjoy the architecture of Brussels, that's full of beautiful 17th-century buildings. Brussels has outstanding art cafes where you can enjoy both art and amazing chocolate (Belgium's specialty . Explore Brussels on foot to enjoy it the most or use a public transportation. The sightseeing is relatively cheaper and free at various places, the city is not all that expensive for a solo traveler.

Cardiff, Wales

The mystical rural atmosphere, rich history and culture of Cardiff makes you want to explore it even more. If the museums and architecture does not entice you enough, the amazing landscapes and structures will spell magic on you. The city is compact and can be best explored on foot. City’s public transportation is also reliable. Overall Cardiff is an inexpensive city and won't stretch your budget.

For safe and stress free solo travelling, you must follow safety precautions even if you’re traveling to the safest country in the world. More than anything else, you should be very cautious about your legal documents when you are in another part of the world, traveling all alone.

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Travel solo, travel safe!

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