Product Review: Antler Liquis Cabin Suitcase

December 13, 2013 3 min read

Me with the Antler Liquis at Melboune Airport Me with the Antler Liquis at Melboune Airport

On a recent weekend trip to Melbourne I took the Antler Liquis cabin bag in silver, normally I'm a die hard soft suitcase fan, particular for short domestic trips, so I was skeptical I could be convinced that I would enjoy using a hard sided case.  My first impressions were positive, it's lightweight, neat and stylish with a wavy pattern on the exterior and a dark red lined interior.

We were heading to Melbourne to attend the races, which for all those who have attended an outdoor event in Melbourne in Spring would know, is a packing nightmare.  Not only do you need an entire back up outfit, but you also need every hair, make up and tanning product possible, none of which are convenient to carry (aerosol cans have to be pulled out through the security check at the airport).

When packing, I found the case was spacious, and the central split of the hard case mean you can pack into the two halves, this was a pro.  I was able to separate out the race outfits and pack them into their own half to prevent them getting crushed.  Packing into the two sides allows you to be more organised than the single deep space of most soft cases.  It's also easier to find things, less 'digging'!

All packed! Plenty of room for all the extra races necessities. All packed! Plenty of room for all the extra races necessities.

Getting around with the case was its second major pro, the 4 wheels means it is very maneuverable, and an absolute dream at the airport.  I had to cart it to work first, and it dealt with the side walks and uneven surfaces better than expected.  Loading it into taxis and the overhead cabin was also straightforward, however, I did find the first and only negative of this case, there is no side handle, only a top handle; this is not a problem, but it would be a bonus.

In the hotel room I would normally completely unpack my bags, however I found due to the more organised packing of this suitcase I didn't worry so much, I simply hung up the outfits then left everything else in the case, everything was right at my fingertips and easy to find.  Hard suitcases do take up more space in the hotel room, it's not such a problem for a cabin size, however is worth consideration in the larger cases.  You really do need to open it right up to access the contents which consumes considerable floor space, a soft case you can lean the lid against the wall which effectively consumes half the space.

By the end of the weekend I was rather fond of the suitcase, initially I had borrowed it to give it a test run, I have since decided to keep it, and on the next occasion I needed to use a suitcase, it was my first pick! For the price, the quality and the usability, it would be my pick of the hard cabin cases on the market.

Taking the Antler out again, for a day at work this time! Taking the Antler out again, for a day at work this time!

The Facts: 
What: Antler Liquis Cabin Bag in silver
Where: weekend in Melbourne for the races
Price: RRP $449, our price $269.40
Favourite Features: organised packing, easy to handle, lightweight & design (exterior and lined interior)
Negatives: a side handle in addition to a top handle would have helped getting it into the taxi
Overall: I had a great experience using it over the weekend; in comparison to other comparable options it is a good balance of quality, value and functionality. I would choose it over other models.

Post contributed by Eliza - Sydney staff member

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