Sunny Christmas Destinations – Celebrate Christmas Nice & Warm

December 04, 2013 3 min read

There is Christmas with snow. And then there is Christmas without snow. Now traditionally, Christmas is unimaginable without snow; making snow men and having snow fights. Errr, too much snow? We agree. If you're tired of celebrating Christmas in a cold place, with ungodly amounts of snow, year after year, then we present some sunny Christmas destinations for you for the year 2013. Have a blast, get tanned this Christmas! Are mates in Oceania will vouch for a sunny Christmas.

Our very own, Australia!
There is really no place like home. From the charming city of Sydney to the vibrant Perth to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers a host of destinations that you could visit on Christmas. If travelling internationally is not on the cards yet, then you could plan a vacation in the home country (it is holiday time after all!) and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, in your own country, with your own traditions.

The Islands of Maldives
The Maldives are stunning all year round, but on Christmas, they are exceptionally beautiful. Resting in the cool blues of the Indian Ocean, this small paradise offers much more than sandy beaches at Christmas. The trees are strung with lights, Christmas galas and themed dinners happening all around and a festive holiday spirit pervades the islands. All you have to do is pick a hotel and simply go.

Goa, India
The Indian subcontinent is a place where you will witness a variety; never seen anywhere else. From beautiful hills to sunny beaches, this country has it all. One such place is the small state of Goa. With a large Christian population, it is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India. Home to the Portuguese before India got independence, you can find a lot of old Portuguese churches in the city. Midnight mass is held in almost every church, with Christmas carols being sung with the full Christmas spirit. The markets and streets are festively decorated, with the Christmas cheer resonating in every corner. And a host of parties are held at Goa's many beaches at night, if you wish to dance the night away!

And of course, if you miss snow, you can always head to a hill station up north and enjoy the chill (and of course, snow!) with a warm cup of Indian tea.

Canary Islands
Get a little taste of Spain this Christmas. A Spanish archipelago, located just off the Northwest coast of Africa, this collection of islands offer everything, from glorious sunsets on the beach to ancient volcanoes. Tenerife, one of the largest of the Canary Islands offers a host of Christmassy activities, from huge feasts to multi-lingual carol concerts. You can choose from the 17 islands and visit one, or plan your trip across multiple islands. Each island has it's own set of tourist destinations and Christmas festivities that you can take part in.


Although one might not think of Christmas in the Persian Gulf, Dubai is actually a pretty good destination. Considered as one of the best places to live in the Middle East, Dubai has a lot to offer for those who come visit this city. Put things in perspective with the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is also the highest viewing platform in the world. If you want luxury, then the Palm Jumeirah is perfect for you. An artificial archipelago, it offers everything from themed hotels to beaches, the best way to have a relaxing holiday. You will be dazed by the sheer beauty and shopping that this city has to offer.

There you are!
Five amazing, sunny Christmas destinations for you. If you're planning for a vacation this Christmas then you better get rolling and start with your bookings before every seat in the plane is taken! And don't worry about packing. We have that covered for you!

So, what will your Christmas destination be this year?

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