The 1st Class Travel Luggage – When Luxury Becomes Your Carrier

February 01, 2014 3 min read

Luxury travel is becoming excessively predominant. Travellers around the world have been caught with the luxury travel bug. Even those who cannot afford it are ready to save, work more and earn even more just to have the once-in-a-lifetime luxury getaway where they are poised on a tree top hotel looking above a luscious valley in Bali or submerged in a waist high azure Maldivian beach.

While luxury travel is still a distant dream for some of us, a part of luxury travel is still quite reachable – luxury travel luggage. Luxury travellers also have high-flying preferences with regards to the luggage they travel with, usually. That's why there are luggage brands that cater to the demands and desires of this niche consumer bracket by providing them classy and exclusive luxurious luggage pieces.

From embellished gussets to gold-plated zippers, leather, chromed polyvinyl and engraved monograms to modern designing techniques; the pioneers in the luggage industry employ everything in their manufacturer's hat to ensure that people who travel 1st class do so with 1st class luggage as well!

Let's take a look at the top-most luxurious luggage brands that are a hit with world-class travellers.

Louis Vuitton – The name of this fashion house reeks of luxury and reminds the reader of LV bags that so commonly find their place in tabloids, proudly hung around a pretty damsel's forearm or nonchalantly perched on a chiselled hunk's shoulder. The fashion house produces some kick-ass luggage and not just in its signature brown with gold overlapping LV cast, but in a broad spectrum of colours and styles. Another Louis Vuitton speciality is the use of varied materials for its luggage line. The LV travel bags can be found in leather as well as canvas. Whether there are small leather goods or weekend canvas bags (which by the way feature all the functional features of wheels, handles and straps), LV products are definitely in a league of their own, a league that is not too proximal to many others.

Ralph Lauren – Diving into travel accessories with a strong footing men's fashion, Ralph Lauren did what was expected of it – took the travel luggage industry by storm. From ultra soft calfskin shoulder bags and small totes, to leather weekend duffel bags, the Ralph Lauren collection is the treasure of luxury at the end of the rainbow for some. The brand products are exclusive and have that elegance that makes the one carrying stand out in the crowd.

Tumi – When talking about luxury, how can the brand Tumi stay far behind? Tumi's forte has been luxurious and top quality travel luggage bags since 1975. Modern designs infused with practicality and functionality are the brand's essence. Each Tumi luggage piece is a style story in itself. Whether it is the wheels, handles, straps and other facets of a Tumi bag, each has been made with devotion and the perfection of an artist. As a ground-breaker, it seems that Tumi does not create luggage for all but the connoisseurs, who are worthy of the class that Tumi belongs too. Good for us and you that Tumi is available with us as one of the sweet indulgences. Don't resist this temptation!

Alfred Dunhill – Want to own class and character? Grab a dapper chestnut handbag from Alfred Dunhill. Dunhill brand personifies luxury and high-living. And these elements are threaded into the DNA of every Dunhill piece. Dunhill luggage brings back the pure and kitsch-less artistic designing back into the present century. Men today are lucky that the Dunhill house has only gone from strength to strength and women, well, can only hope that Dunhill soon shelves out luxury goods for women because the Dunhill craftsmanship is simply too good to be only for men! ;)

Luxury is also a state of mind as it is a state of affluence, so don't feel bad if these high-end luggage brands cannot be on your must-buy list right now but as always, as long as there's life, there will be luxury and the right time and freedom to enjoy it. :)

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