Don't Forget the Most Important Travel Item Of All – The Child Carrier

December 17, 2013 2 min read

Remember the cult Christmas movie series – Home Alone? The cute little blue-eyed Kevin and how he was left alone for Christmas? He was a bit too big for a child carrier, but come to think of it, the family didn't leave behind an infant or a toddler!

Our point: Child carriers are a great way to carry your young ones and preventing you from leaving your bundle of joy behind.

Child carriers are an invention from ancient times, only to be forgotten long ago and rediscovered in these modern times ! They are portable, not bulky or cumbersome like their wheeled counterparts – the strollers – and much more convenient than carrying your child on your shoulders. Making parents' lives easier, many travel luggage companies have inspired themselves from the ancient way of carrying children and came up with amazingly ergonomic and comfortable child carriers. The Luggage Professionals brings to you some models from a trusted and reputed luggage brand from Colorado called Osprey.

Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier

Osprey is famous for its rugged, highly shock proof and performing luggage solutions such as backpacks, outdoor adventure packs for trekking, hiking, biking and other adventure activities. Their bags and backpacks are known for durability and performance in the most challenging conditions. Thus their child carriers are extremely reliable as they are manufactured using the same advanced methods and engineering.

All that Osprey knows about creating top-quality and reliable backpacks is incorporated into the Poco Series child carriers, resulting in exceedingly comfortable and convenient child carriers with the following features:

  1. Supportive and adjustable strong hinged powdercoated frames to ensure that the child is in a safe enclosure.
  2. The Poco series carriers also have comfortable and soft seats with correct ergonomics.
  3. Frames are fully pad so that the child doesn't have to go through unwanted poking and jerking against dangerous hinges or fixtures.
  4. There's a washable and removable drool pad as well! Yes, we thought of that too.
  5. The best feature – they are easy to fold and perfect for travel! This also means that unlike strollers they don't need to be checked in but can be simply carried along with your cabin luggage.

So whether it's a weekend hike trip or a long vacation abroad, these child carriers will ensure that your cuddly bundle has a safe and comfortable cocoon to ride any and everywhere.

Bring out the explorer in your kids from the very beginning!

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