The Wonder Travel Pillow by Cabeau

September 19, 2015 2 min read

Travel Pillow

Do you get cold feet before that important meeting the next morning, in another city or country? Or is it the thought of appearing before everyone all teary & red-eyed, looking like a sleep-deprived zombie that makes you nervous! Since bare minimum sleep, even while traveling, whether by road, rail or air, is not just a privilege but a necessity. And it's extremely important that one takes all the comfort one can receive anywhere.

One thing that can save you from sleeplessness and help you catch some rest, a little more pleasantly while traveling, is a travel pillow. While there are many in the market today, Cabeau's memory foam evolution travel pillow has an edge over its contemporaries because of the well-thought out features. It is literally a boon for people whose second homes are their transportation mediums.

Let us have a detailed look at the thoughtfully crafted travel accessory and what makes it stand out from the already crowded marketplace of its likes.

  • Say bye to neck cramps and sore muscles with a uniquely designed and well-cushioned 360° head and chin support.
  • Regular U-shaped neck pillows, give a forceful support and pressurize the tender areas around the nape but thanks to Cabeau for spreading the magic of responsive memory foam. A soft mushy material, capable of contouring and retaining any shape given to it while resting, and is back to its original form after use.
  • Tighten or loosen the grip of the adjustable strings or toggles or cords as per your comfort without having to worry about the pillow sliding to one side every now and then.
  • Maintenance too is a piece of cake. After every trip, just remove the pillow cover and toss it in the washing machine for cleaning.
  • If you like to relax or even sleep to the sound of your favorite music, Cabeau has a provision for that as well. The left side of the pillow has a small pocket for your phone or any other music device to fit in perfectly. Listening to music while traveling was never this pleasurable.
  • Easy to pack and carry along as well.

Travel Pillow

With all the specifications listed above, the pillow is much more than a travel accessory and once you use it, traveling without it will seem incomplete. We, at The Luggage Professionals, care enough for our loyal customers and are always inspired to present a carefully curated list of superior quality products. We hope that with a Cabeau memory foam evolution travel pillow, your journeys will become even more enjoyable and rejuvenating. Hope the information given helps you with the buying decision too. :)

Do you own a Cabeau wonder pillow? How has your travel experience been with the pillow? Share with us in the comments below.

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