Travel Tips for Mommies-to-be & Mommies with Toddlers

December 03, 2013 3 min read

With the holiday season just around the corner, almost every family will be thinking of travelling, or is already deep into travel plans. Of course, if you're travelling alone or with your friends, family of mostly adults, then all you need to think about is what you've packed, what you will do at your destination once you get there. But if you're travelling with toddlers, or are pregnant with a bundle of joy, then these things change. Then you have to think about nap times, snacks, what clothes to carry, which seats to take, how to manage everything and what not. It can be a joy and a nightmare at the same time. Worry not, we have compiled a few tips that might help you in your next trip with your kids.

For Mommies-to-be:
Whether you're travelling for business of for leisure, this is one time that you have to be as careful as you can be.

  • First and most important, you need to confirm with your doctor whether you are fit for flying or not. If not, then consider an alternate mode of travel to your destination, such as by train or by road, if that is possible. Mostly, it is safest to travel during the middle trimester but be sure to check with your doctor first.
  • Carry all your prenatal vitamins and medicines with you and make sure you have enough for the trip. And keep them with you in your purse, and not in checked baggage. Do not think that you will get more vitamins when you get there. You don't know whether the brand that you are prescribed is available or not. Better not leave anything to chance.
  • Book an aisle seat for yourself so that you can easily get up and go to bathroom to relieve yourself frequently.
  • During travel and afterwards, make sure that you stay hydrated. To avoid the risk of water contamination, make sure you always have bottled mineral water.
  • When you're travelling, make sure that you have an address or contact number of a doctor who you can contact in case of emergencies at your destination. Preferably, ask your own obstetrician to recommend one.
  • Consider getting a travel insurance to be on the safer side.
  • If travelling internationally, discuss with your obstetrician about vaccines and immunizations. Certain vaccinations cannot be taken during pregnancy so best be well-informed.
  • Travelling while pregnant is quite safe as long as you take the right precautions. Above all, always ensure that you are completely comfortable, for your health and that of the baby.

For Mommies with Toddlers:
Toddlers are a unique species. They go from naughty to angelic within a matter of seconds. Travelling with toddlers can be quite a task. But if planned well, you can actually have an easy time. Here's how to make travelling with toddlers easier.

  • Pack a travel bag for your child. It should have some toys, preferably one of your child's favorites (so that they stay busy), some snacks (for the hunger tantrums), water, a change of clothes and diapers. You can put all of this in a large tote bag or backpack and have it with you at all times. For this, we suggest getting the Melobaby All-in-one Travel Nappy Wallet and Change Mat which will definitely make life easier and less messier.
  • Try and match travel times with your child's nap time. Toddlers are a bundle of energy but they get tired soon. Most of them nap during daytime or in the afternoon. If possible, try and travel during those hours so that your child is happily sleeping.
  • In flights, especially during takeoff and landing, when air pressure can get too much for their sensitive ears, give them a toffee or a candy to suck on. It will reduce the pressure from their ears, hence, no crying!
  • Kids can get dirty very quickly. Keep a hand sanitiser handy in case you don't have a bathroom nearby.
  • Some airlines require that a child be put in a child carrier. Make sure to confirm beforehand with the airlines about their regulations regarding children.
  • Layer up your child if you're going to a cold place from a warmer one. For your child to be comfortable, it is necessary that he or she be dressed appropriately.
  • As a precaution, talk to your doctor before leaving and get the necessary vaccinations or medicines for your trip.

Travelling with kids is always unpredictable, but also a good chance to enjoy those new places from your toddler's star-crossed eyes. Take the time to appreciate the little things in life with your child and bond well.

Do you have any useful tips from your experiences. Share them with us!

Bon Voyage! :)

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