A Check-list For a Traveller Who Refuses To Carry More Than One Suitcase!

August 15, 2014 3 min read

There are all sorts of travellers out there. The meticulous ones for whom packing is sort of a sanctimonious occasion and then there are those for whom packing is best defined as a mere 3 minute task before the great adventure begins! And there's another category that is not defined by how they pack but what they like to travel with. Welcome to the world of the stubbornly 'travel light' personality.

This person just refuses to carry more than one suitcase for a weekend or a week's trip. For such a person, there are two primary events that can put him or her off of carrying more than one suitcase – travelling and lugging everything alone and even when travelling with others, the likelihood of carrying everything by himself or herself.

Granted. These are reasons enough to be more practical about one's situation and carry what's feasible to lug. However, if you are holding yourself back because you are lazy to be more organised in your luggage and want to stuff everything in whatever you get or because of habit, then we suggest you to change for the better and direct you to our backpacks and shoulder bags collection to tell you that in the luggage world, there are more citizens than just the suitcase.

However, if you won't budge from your 4 wheeled stand, we'd like to give you a check-list for your travels with suitcase so that you are well covered on your trips even with a single suitcase!


1) Your Personal ID
2) Passport and Visa
3) Driving License
4) Travel Insurance
5) Wallet with Cash and Cards
6) A copy of tickets – air plane or train. Keep the originals with you
7) All contacts at home and at destination
8) All reservation print slips at the destination

Clothing Essentials (per the season, climate you are travelling in and to). Number of items subject to duration of the trip and the capacity of your suitcase.

1) A pair of jeans
2) A Set of formal clothes – if it's an official conference you are attending
3) Casual essentials – shorts, tees, slippers
4) Rain/ Woollen Coat, Jackets (If it's a wintry break)
5) Socks
6) Under garments
7) Night clothing – pajamas and tees

*Since the list is suitcase specific, please make sure that these clothing essentials are neatly folded and packed in layers and not stuffed as in a rucksack.

Toiletries and Other Essentials:

1) First and foremost – a Toothbrush and a toothpaste, it's always great to carry your own, even for your impending hotel stay.
2) Body shower gel/ soap/ shampoo
3) Body creams – especially if prescribed for a certain skin condition
4) Sunscreen
5) Cosmetics and light make up. Although, avoid wearing heavy make up during your travels but that doesn't mean you go completely cold turkey on it. Keep it well arranged in a small handy pouch that can be stored in a suitcase.
6) Your sunglasses with case

Gadgets and related products:

1) Tablet or laptop with chargers
2) Camera with memory card
3) USB
4) Electric converters
5) An alarm clock if mornings are all the more tough

Everyday Essentials:

1) Sunglasses with a case! Yes, no point buying sunglasses if you can't keep it guarded. During travels, these are the most vulnerable object you are carrying.
2) An extra pair of spectacles. You don't want to be without your glasses on a tourist site!
3) Umbrella – Be prepared to put up with some rain
4) Water bottle – A little canteen that can be carried and which can be snugly tucked under the clothes in the corner of a suitcase
5) A Pocket knife for safety and other surprises
6) Your entertainment devices – iPod, Journal, Pens, Books and a map of the city/ country you are travelling to.
7) A Hat or a scarf
8) A decent pair of walking shoes/ sneakers along with the ones that match your carry-with wardrobe.

Here's a suitcase – To pack it all in

Epic Suitcases

This check-list is designed to match the packing capacity of a suitcase. It's imperative to make good use of the available space and not overstuff or under-utilise it. If you are determined to make your trip with just one suitcase, make sure you carry just enough to fit in. However, if your documentation and other every day essentials need something more portable, then we'd suggest these non-cumbersome travel bags and shoulder bags. These will be better for roaming about your destination.

It's great to travel light and with lesser luggage, if you can do it efficiently. If not, then it's not crushing to go on the other side.

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