How to Avoid the 5 Mistakes that Result in an Unreasonable Travelling Budget?

October 08, 2014 2 min read

When setting out on a journey, limited clothes are enough, but even exorbitant amounts of money is not. Even with an overwhelming travel budget, you cut out on various expenses that just seem unavoidable. It is heartbreaking to save for the longest time to plan a dream vacation and still not be able to make it lavish. This primarily is a result of being ignorant of certain practices while planning a vacation.

Given below are the 5 common mistakes a traveller makes that result in an exceeding budget:

International Money
When travelling overseas, it is important to be acquainted with the foreign currency you'll be using. Avoid changing currency at the airport or hotels to save yourself from higher exchange rates. It is suggested to convert money in your own city at a better rate. If feasible, use credit cards for major expenses and carry less cash. Also, don't use travellers' cheques at all as maximum banks charge a fee to process cheques. If you plan to use ATM cards, enquire about all foreign debit fees and only then swipe them. The surcharge fee on swiping the card each time might cost you more than you spend. So, be careful and ask lots of questions to your bank.

Peak-Season Travel
People don't realise that it's better to travel during the off-season rather than in peak season to save a lot of money. Peak season is almost twice as expensive as the off-season and is too crowded as well. Save on flights and hotels by choosing to travel a few weeks before or after the main season.

Inflexible Dates
When checking flights availability online, always check-in the 'flexible dates' box. The best way is to keep your dates flexible and find the lowest airfare on flights. This helps you save money and find great hotel deals as a travel combo. You can take stopovers when travelling solo but when travelling with kids, we suggest taking direct flights to reach the destination.

Hotel Pricing
Internet has a gazillion options of hotels and traveller hostels to choose from in every city of the world. Do your research well and look for excellent deals on even high end hotels. Yes, you should ideally book in advance to avail discounts on hotel rooms and it is convenient to do it when your trip is planned in advance.

Group Tours
Group tours and city tours by travel companies can sometimes be expensive. Instead, feel free to explore the city on your own. Visit the tourist centres to consult for a map or a local guide of the city to walk around on your own.

The above mentioned travel tips bring forth superb ways of saving money during the initial phase of travel planning. Having a comfortable travel budget is always better than voyaging on a shoestring budget.

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