Wanderlust Wednesdays – The Bright and Nocturnal Gold Coast

August 14, 2014 3 min read

Ola Everyone!

Having a good week?

Tired and badly in need of a relaxing weekend away from it all?

Fear not, because we are here with another Wanderlust Wednesday destination that will take your woes and breath away!

On the east coast of Australia lies a coastal city that never sleeps by night and is truly gorgeous by day. Yep, we are talking about Gold Coast.


Sitting 94 km south of Brisbane, Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination and why should it not.

Known for its 'fun in the sun' culture, Gold Coast is an ideal destination for the fun lovers. There are many many things to do there and something for everyone, from history enthusiasts to beach lovers to the nature buffs. For the party people, the nightlife at Gold Coast is a sight to behold.

Things to do in Gold Coast:

This is one city that has it all. There are millions of activities to do, sights to see and trails to explore in the day. Come night and there are various swanky nightclubs where you can forget your worries and party the night away. We have picked some of the most popular destinations out of them all. But we recommend looking the city up and planning your own trip according to your own preferences. Or just wing it there, who knows what secret you might discover!

Surfers Paradise:

You cannot plan a trip to Gold Coast and not visit this Suburb! Rightly named the Surfers Paradise, this suburb boasts of hundreds of attractions, sandy beaches and a multitude of clubs. On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights there is a beachfront market which is a delight for bargain shoppers and ideal if you are looking to find some knick knacks. The beaches are beautiful and you can grab a Surfing lesson here at reasonable prices. All the information you might want about Surfers Paradise can be found at http://www.surfersparadise.com/

Get close with nature:
There are many options for you to go exploring/ hiking or simply marvel at the beauties of nature. The Lamington National park is good and has over 160km of walking trails. Then there is the Currumbing Wildlife Sanctuary where you can see a lot of animals in their natural setting. They also have a high ropes course which is a good activity for kids. Springbrooks National Park is another option.

Skypoint Observation Deck:

At 230 metres in the sky, the view is bound to be spectacular. Located in the majestic Q1, the observation deck offers 360 degree views of the coast and far and beyond. You can also get to know a little history with the many facts that you can learn up there. They also have newly launched a mini theatrette where a 15 minute presentation will enlighten you about Gold Coast and its rich heritage.

Paint the Town Red:
Gold Coast has many nightclubs where you can dance till your feet hurt and intoxicate all you want. Some of the most famous and most happening ones are Vanity, Sin City, Club Liv, Elsewhere bar and more. Most of them feature international DJ performances. Elsewhere bar also has live music artists playing where you can enjoy a glass of wine and relax.

For more information on the attractions and things to do in Gold Coast, visit http://www.visitgoldcoast.com/

Packing for Gold Coast:
The weather is sub tropical so you do not have to carry any warm clothes. You do need super hot bikinis and swimsuits though! A mid-sized suitcase or duffel bag will hold all your belongings. We recommend that you get a cabin suitcase. It will be an ideal companion for all your weekend getaways!

Have fun at Gold Coast and let your hair down like never before in Australia's nightlife capital!

Happy Travelling :)

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