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Wanderlust Wednesdays – Explore the whimsical beaches of Noosa, Queensland

October 01, 2015 4 min read

To travel is to take a journey into yourself - Danny Kaye

Once the travel bug bites you, it is nearly impossible to rest. Travelling brings you closer to nature and to yourself, helping one discover things that would probably remain hidden forever if not for travel. There is something magical about discovering the secrets of a new place, it brings immense joy to the soul.

For us at The Luggage Professionals, travel is a way of life, and we love looking up amazing new destinations for all of you to try out. This week's Wanderlust Wednesday takes us to Noosa, Queensland. When one says Noosa, one is referring to the collective area of Noosa Heads, Noosa Junction and Noosaville. Noosa Heads is the resort area where there are beaches, hotels, shopping streets and many more things to enjoy. Noosaville, along the river is similar and a bit quieter and Noosa Junction is the business hub.

One of the best destinations on Australia's famous Sunshine Coast, Noosa has something to offer to everyone. Here's what all you can do when you head to Noosa:

  • This goes without saying that you must explore the pristine white beaches of this amazing resort town and try your hand at surfing, if you already haven't. There are various beaches littered along the entire Sunshine Coast where you can go and have a sunny day out. There is the Noosa Main Beach, which is best for families and those who want to get surfing lessons. Then there are the National Park Beaches, Sunshine Beach, Castaways beach and many others. Just ask your hotel for directions or for the closest beach and they will happily guide you! Definitely visit the Sunshine Beach, which is a treat in itself and do not forget to try beach fishing, it is a unique experience after all. :)

Sunshine Beach

  • Head to Boreen point, a small village about 25 minutes from Noosa Heads, that overlooks the beautiful beaches and is the gateway to the Everglades and the Great Sandy National Park. Here you can enjoy a picnic in one of the many spots around Lake Cootharaba. You can hire a canoe or kayak to explore Lake Cootharaba, go windsurfing in it or maybe just enjoy a nice picnic around it. For the full experience, stay a night on the camping grounds or caravan parks and definitely do not miss out on the famous Sunday spit roast at the historic Apollonian Hotel.
  • Take a cruise on the Noosa River to the Noosa Everglades. There are a bunch of tours, like this one that will take you along the Noosa river, wading through Lakes Cooroibah and Cootharaba and then the Everglades and then end with tea or a barbeque at Harry's Hut, a historic spot known for its natural beauty. Make a day trip out of it and you will definitely come back feeling a lot more refreshed than what you were before the cruise!
  • Take a trip to the world's largest sand island, the Fraser Island which is also a world-heritage listed site. Try getting there as early in the morning as you can so as to enjoy this gorgeous island to the maximum. Take the Fraser Island Great Walk which stretches for 90 kilometers and is the perfect way to explore the island on foot. You can even camp on lakeside or beachside camping areas, just be sure to get your permits first. If you're fascinated by nature and are curious to learn about the area's flora and fauna, head to the Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve which is home to about 7500 species of flora and fauna and offer a great variety of marine life and also houses almost 50% of Australia's bird species. To enjoy the entire island to the fullest, take a guided day tour or a camping tour and get the experience of a lifetime!

Fraser Island

  • If you just want to chill and enjoy a mini vacation while looking around at the locals and take in the general atmosphere, head to Noosaville. Centered around the Noosa river, this place offers a host of holiday accommodations, bars, restaurants and aquatic activities. Perfect for a laidback vacation!
  • For the fashion lovers, Hastings street is the ideal destination which is smack dab in the middle of Noosa heads. Noosa heads is quite a popular coastal town, with people visiting this amazing holiday destination from all over Australia and the world. It is bordered on one side by the beautiful Laguna Bay, by the Noosa National Park on another and also by the Noosa River. No wonder, it is quite a sight for the eyes. Fashionistas will delight in the endless number of boutiques, high-end designer shops or local creations available on Hastings Street. Also lined with numerous cafes and restaurants, Hastings street is quite an exciting destination to spend the day in.

Hastings Street

Well that's about it. Once you get to Noosa, you can always ask the locals for the best things to do there. Have you ever been to Noosa? What are your favorite things to do there? Share them with us in the comments below.

And as always, Happy Travelling! :)

Note: All images sourced from the internet. No copyright infringement intended

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